Russian “turbo-harp” transform thoughts into music

Russian “turbo-harp” transform thoughts into music


    The world has already familiar electronic systems that transform the currents of the brain in real characters, in particular, on this principle, we construct certain medical devices. But our compatriot Dmitry Morozov took the basis for such a decision vintage English harp, of course, properly upgraded.

    Turbo harp

    This development is called “turbo-harp” or “harp-samogudy” is actually a robotic autonomous system capable of converting user’s brain waves into music. To do this, it uses a special headset to function encephalograph, just catches the currents of the brain. However, the presence of the brain is not mandatory.

    Listen to the “music of the brain” video can be published as on us, it sounds very avant-garde. Of course, it’s hard to imagine a whole orchestra of such “turbo-dulcimer”, playing, for example, “Sevastopol waltz” or “Farewell of Slav”, but as a bold experiment – why not? And an ancient English harp recalled.

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