Russian Interior Ministry published application for iOS and Android

Russian Interior Ministry published application for iOS and Android


    English Interior Ministry submitted an official application for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. Appendix positioned as a convenient tool for emergency communication with the police, it allows you to quickly contact the nearest police department and find out the address. When emergency communication application determines the location of the user finds the nearest police department and makes a call to duty section. If the phone is turned off location detection made the call to 112. Thus, the probability of successful emergency dialer to the police or emergency services increases.

    МВД России
    English Ministry of Internal Affairs

    In addition, the user can find information about the application of precinct police: address, telephone number, location map serviced plot. Another function – using an application, you can send an appeal to the territorial authority of the Interior or the central office the English Interior Ministry. For dessert provides various background information – Administrative Code, fines SDA, memos behavior in emergency situations, etc., as well as news from the official websites of the regional Interior Ministry units in Russia.

    mobile application MIA of Russia as a free download in the App Store and Google Play.

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