Rumors: Xbox One will get a new processor

Rumors: Xbox One will get a new processor


    xbox_consle_sensr_controllr Unlike the previous generation of home video game consoles, processors, each of which were built on the basis of different architectures, the new generation of consoles – Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – based on the same microarchitecture AMD Jaguar and operate on the basis of eight APU-chip companies from AMD, which simultaneously serve as both central and graphics processors.

    However, the network appeared information that may indirectly indicate that for the console Xbox One is developing new, more compact and cheaper processors.

    This rumor originated in the pages of the social network LinkedIn, where on the page of Daniel McConnell, Volume Manager AMD, stated that the company is engaged in the production of chips for next-generation consoles.

    Interesting among all this are the following excerpts: “successfully planned and launched production of the first APU for game consoles Microsoft Xbox One based on 28 nm process technology, as well as derivative modifications cheaper 20nm technology” … “created two executive team to work with two successful audits APU for Xbox. It is about creating leadership positions around which can later be formed production team to increase production SOC”.

    This description may testify in favor of the fact that Microsoft is currently involved in work on the development of new, more compact and potentially cheaper processors for their new consoles.

    The current version of the Xbox One CPU is based on a 28 nm process. At the same time adapting 20 nm process may involve the use of more compact game console with cheaper and at the same time more efficient cooling system.

    In addition, it should be noted that the processor is one of the most expensive components of the Xbox One, and the transition to 20nm process technology will significantly reduce the cost of production of such crystals and, therefore, generally to reduce the price of all consoles.

    Here, however, it should be pointed out that in spite of all the possible benefits of these new chips in the very near future we are unlikely to see them.

    Firstly, because of the cheaper 20 nm processors will need first to establish the technology of their production, and new production technologies chips are known at an early stage of its development cost is not cheap.

    Second, the problem is that most of the factories and production lines TSMC, the Taiwanese company, engaged in production of various microchips currently loaded manufacture chips for the new smartphone iPhone, tablets iPad, as well as a new line of chips Nvidia and AMD for desktop graphics, all of which are built on 20nm process technology.

    Of course, it should be noted that no official comment from the same Microsoft or Sony has not yet been reported, but it is very likely that, if such development does take place to be, then most likely, AMD is engaged in a similar task for the APU game console PS4.

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