Robotic arm gave electrostatic force

Robotic arm gave electrostatic force


    Interesting new products recently introduced in the US Boston. The conference RoboBusiness demonstrated unique robotic arm.

    Роботизированную руку наделили электростатической силой

    The project is called Grabit and operates very unusual way. The fact that it operates without the use of traditional pieces mechanics.

    The invention selects and carries a variety of things due to the electrostatic attraction.

    Consider a typical example of a school with a balloon. When rubbed on the hair, then he literally “stick” to the walls. Constructors Grabit decided to use the same effect, only in a more serious scale.

    Of course, the platform is not suitable for people who have experienced amputation. The authors of the system believe that their know-how to find a place in the manufacturing industry.

    This is a great idea to replace machines, interacting with objects using the suction cups and other classical instruments.

    Grabit has a huge advantage over them. Its “fingers” made of a flexible material with the above-described “attracting” properties. They are able to manipulate items of all shapes and sizes (quickly adapting to the current needs).

    Once this technology is ideally distributes the weight of the “sensitive” materials. For the assembly of solar panels there is nothing better.

    Looks interesting. It remains to wish the authors of successful implementation of the machine.

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