Ricoh has introduced a secure camera WG-30W-enabled Wi-Fi

Ricoh has introduced a secure camera WG-30W-enabled Wi-Fi


    Last month, Ricoh Imaging Company introduced the action-camera. Now, she hastens to acquaint us with a solid digital camera WG-30W, which is similar to its predecessor, but is endowed with more features.

    As fancy camera of this class, Ricoh WG-30W is not afraid of shaking, falling, falling into the water, extreme temperatures, as well as other threats. However, the device is endowed with 16 M CMOS-sensor and 2,7-inch LCD.

    The indicator comes to ISO 6400, optical zoom – up to 5x (28-140 mm in 35 mm equivalent). Novick shoots video in 1080p, and to transfer the footage, you can use the connection via Wi-Fi.

    The protected Ricoh WG-30W can be immersed in water to a depth of 12 meters (but no more than two hours), and without consequences to drop from a height of 1.5 meters, and the camera moves to the low temperature -10°.

    Home sales Ricoh WG-30W is scheduled for December, and the price of the camera is $ 299.95. In addition to Ricoh WG-30W is also presented its variation WG-30 without the support of Wi-Fi, but otherwise similar.

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