Review of Microlab H30 BT stereo with Bluetooth and NFC

Review of Microlab H30 BT stereo with Bluetooth and NFC


    Plus of classic dual speakers is obvious – they are easy to use and allow you to enjoy the sound of an acceptable quality. Classic two-channel speaker systems are not suitable for sophisticated users who are ready to sacrifice sound quality for the sake of ease of use.

    Two-channel stereo sound system – the most common version of acoustics. Quality stereo pair able to play as quiet relaxation music and create your room from a local nightclub. In general we can say so and got in our edition compact stereo system Microlab H30 BT.

    general view Microlab H30 BT

    Average speaker Microlab H30 BT in online stores is 3500 rubles. It is worth adding that the company Microlab is one of the most popular manufacturers in this price range, but considering the acoustics stands out proposals by the presence of Bluetooth and NFC.

    Similar stereopair with wireless capability mobile devices typically cost significantly more. In this review we will try to answer the question of whether the average price of $ 85 corresponds to appearance, sound and overall quality Microlab H30 BT, as well as whether additional way communication via Bluetooth and NFC significant advantage.

    Components, appearance, design

    The first thing that catches your eye – pleasing appearance of the device. Columns are made of MDF and painted white (by the way, happens, and black). Downstairs they have gray plastic coasters with rubberized feet arc shape. When using the device, they are almost invisible, because it does not get out beyond the speakers.

    We got a white version Microlab H30 BT looks more expensive than its price. White coloring embarrassed that her theory easier to leave stains on your fingers while installing and active use of mechanical regulators.

    But anxiety remained only concern, because we are considering a stereo pair was tested for almost two weeks and during this time has not lost its original appearance. But, in our view, a stereo pair of black practical: it can keep us presentable and pleasing to the eye, even if it does not apply so neatly.

    back side of the speaker Microlab H30 BT

    The height of the columns is quite modest – 22.5 cm. It was possible to reduce due to the lateral placement of the controls. Typically, manufacturers of such audio systems prefer to place the mechanical volume and frequency at the bottom front of the active column, which at first glance seems to be most comfortable.

    In Microlab H30 BT 30, they all moved to the side panel of the active speaker. Total of three: Volume control, and the volume of the high and low frequencies. Controls have a smooth ride, and the average position is felt invisible boundary middle of the scale.

    The handles are in a small depression – they are not visible from the front side of the device. At the bottom of the back side of the active speaker is the key ON / OFF.

    with protective mesh

    without the safety net

    The protective netting on the satellite for the first time it was difficult to remove, since their attachment had a very tight turn. But then the holes in the front of the column variance. Diffusers are black, but they look organically and white columns.

    In this appearance changes – lost focus on minimalism and straight lines, so the protective mesh in the course of further testing, we have decided to leave their places.

    phase inverter active column

    The back side of the active speaker is equipped with RCA-connectors: two for the analog input and one for connecting a second, passive speakers. Located just above the radiator of the power amplifier. Speakers consist of HF and LF radiators Reflex derived on the back side.

    Such construction involves the installation of a stereo rear part of the wall and at a small distance from it, so the user can hear the directed and reflected sound. Inside Microlab H30 BT are three boards, power supply at the bottom of the column amplifier at the inner side of the rear wall and the charge control that is fastened to the sidewall.

    NFC sensor on the active column

    Stereo Microlab H30 BT modules equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC – for the latest on the upper side of the active speaker has a round cover that hides the antenna. As soon as you hold it to your mobile device with the support of appropriate interfaces, there is a “pairing” with a column on Bluetooth.


    Microlab H30BT
    Power Output (RMS) 24 (12×2)
    Harmonic distortion (1W at 1 kHz) 0.5%
    Frequency, Hz 50-20 000
    Signal / noise ratio, dB 75
    Channel separation dB 45
    The diameter of the diaphragm HF / woofer inches 0.75 / 3.5
    Housing Material MDF
    Wire interface RCA
    Wireless interfaces Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
    Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 135x225x220
    Weight, kg 4,3


    The sound quality when connecting a wired audio system may not be the same as for wireless – even if simply because in the latter case, the processing of sounds include built-in DAC. Nevertheless manufacturer on its website notes that the quality of the sound when the wireless connection as close to the analog version.

    internal structure of the active speaker

    When wire connection audio Microlab H30 BT pomoschyuvneshney sound tested with E-MU 0404 USB from Creative. We made a selection of different styles of music – from the Soviet music to modern orchestral work – and play it through the player AIMP MP3 and FLAC.

    For a system of this price-quality playback of all music you listened to us – high. Pleased with nice-sounding bass and colorful tall, well, average can be described as very clear. Bass part is missing, but for a deeper sound buyers choose a system with a subwoofer.

    More obvious shortcomings in terms of sound is not, of course, if this does not compare with the more expensive acoustics systems. We have not been able to find a style of music, the sound of which transmits Microlab H30BT not as we would like.

    At maximum volume, you can usually get the sound without audible distortion explicitly using the HF and LF controls. Moreover, in order to arrange a small disco in a single room (or even a small apartment), it is not necessary to twist the volume knob to maximum.

    Among the competitors (as indeed, in the line themselves Microlab) are similar to a stereo pair with better sound quality, but they are supplied without Bluetooth and NFC.

    In the compounds of the Bluetooth audio quality, of course, worse (becomes a little dirtier sound and bass – hollow) as the transmission stream compression is used. But you should pay attention to the fact that mobile devices usually listen to music in MP3, and that quality has decreased, it can be seen only if you listen.

    It is understood that if you are going to enjoy this or that piece of music in full, then turn the music on your computer, and if came home from work, listening to the background music track, and heads to the kitchen to cook dinner, having involved in parallel Bluetooth-connection, the sound quality not so fundamentally.

    The system uses Bluetooth version 4.0, which is characterized by long range. The author was not able to find a place in a two-room apartment, where communication with the system would be interrupted. Note that not all wireless speaker system is able to.

    One of the most important indicators of the quality of the audio is the noise coming from the diffusers at maximum volume during pause listening to the track. Microlab H30BT background noise in such a situation is almost imperceptible, and heard only when you place the column at a distance of 15 centimeters from the ear.

    Also on the system have been lost by us with white noise close to the threshold for Microlab H30BT values ​​(50-20 000 Hz). They may well be to hear, so that the claimed frequency response seems to correspond to the real.


    Let’s start with the fact that the sound quality in its price range Microlab H30 BT looks pretty good: her sound is not satisfactory, the acoustics can be used to listen to any music, and comfortable viewing movies. Of course, we have not the Hi-End-system, both in terms of richness of sound, and the price, but its capacity is sufficient for the average user.

    In conclusion, the Bluetooth on your home acoustics no longer an innovation. However, similar systems with NFC not so much and this detail is the main highlight of the Microlab H30 BT, allows you to quickly and without unnecessary suffering to connect mobile devices.

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