Retro video albums inventive refrigerator for solar energy in 1937

Retro video albums inventive refrigerator for solar energy in 1937


    Often we think about the devices, solar-powered, as a relatively recent invention. However, the sun, people used long before it became mainstream.

    Ретро-видео ретро-изобретения: холодильник на энергии солнца 1937 года

    Even before the invention of the first photoelectric converter (also known as a solar cell “), which was introduced back in 1954, there were refrigerators, working from the sun. About such an interesting device, developed in 1937, a scientific film tells Popular Science. According to the tape, “magic fridge” could transform the sun’s rays in the ice cubes in just a few hours!

    Since the 1930s and ending with the 1950s the legendary magazine, popularized science – Popular Science – had an exclusive agreement with Paramount, whose theaters he had the right to demonstrate their scientific short films. Among these films was about opus and refrigerator shown in July 1937.

    Here is a translation of a small text that said the announcer in this retro-futuristic video (check out this beautiful patina of antiquity in the “pseudo-scientific” monologues, just remember the great retro style of some Fallout):

    All living things that exist in the world, operated by the sun. Using this scientific fact, Otto Moore HLB of Concord (CA) has committed countless inventions revolutionized almost every aspect of modern life.

    Among the achievements of this figure – an economical water heater accumulative type. Cold water flows into the copper tube array and then heated by solar rays. Water reached the valve on top of the device is heated to 82 degrees Celsius. Even on cloudy days the heating process does not stop.

    By the method of absorption of sunlight also works the other futuristic and innovative unit – cooler drinking water. Device irradiates it, cleans and cools. So, Mr. Moore has tamed the sun’s heat and use it to produce the perfect drinking water all year round.

    This scientist magician subdued the sun and built a box, which he called “tank-solar generator.” And again, in this the most economical in the history of “refrigerator” solar heat was reversed for the production of cold. Ice cubes from sunlight – in just two hours!

    In the next invention Moore – another generator – water is heated by sunlight and by a unique method of evaporation, condensation and vapor absorption, is converted into pure hydrogen. Production of this gas escapes surprisingly inexpensive. Hydrogen, then you can cook, heat the room and get out of it is electricity – and all of the most common water. HSBC Otto Moore and similar thinkers once freed our world from unnecessary toil. Their excellent understanding of and control over the forces of nature and allow them to other people deserve a better place under the sun.

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