Recipe for a delicious meal: use oven that knows everything about you

Recipe for a delicious meal: use oven that knows everything about you


    We have become accustomed to the existence of various “smart” things in the house that can be controlled from your smartphone, but Connection Internet home appliances still are skeptical. Well really, why connect the microwave to the web that nonsense?

    But there was a device that may change your attitude to such things. The American company SectorQube could pack all your dreams housewives in a microwave oven, called MAID. Title saying, MAID – is “Make All Incredible Dishes”, or “Prepare all of the most incredible meals.”

    The furnace is connected to the Internet and can do amazing things. Connect with your fitness bracelet, she may recommend you recipes based on the amount expended calories you today. Or advise the optimal method of cooking something that you like in the past, using the pre-stored information about your preferences.

    The oven works as a microwave, convection oven and grill, allowing it to cook almost any dish. It can be controlled via the touch screen, as well as voice and gestures, which is especially handy if you’re in the kitchen cooking and your hands are stained with flour or just busy with something else.

    Through the Internet, the user can gain access to a large-scale database of recipes from both professional chefs and amateur cook with a whole world. And you can do a search based on a set of ingredients, type of cuisine, or simply ask oven something to recommend. And MAID can constantly improve the recipe to the end product more in line with your individual tastes. Ie changes in recipes that you make are recorded and then used to optimize the algorithm issuing advice and cooking.

    This project is currently looking for additional funding on Kickstarter and the sale will not until next November. Its cost will be 450 dollars.

    But, if you take part in the financing of the project on Kickstarter, you may have time to save money and get the oven at a price of 409 dollars.

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