RAW-conversion program files

RAW-conversion program files


    on the market today are many programs convert RAW-format, and they are continuously improved. Their range extends from simple sold bundled with the camera to powerful – from large developers such as Adobe and Apple. With such a choice can be difficult to decide where to stay, especially since there are situations where different procedures appropriate to apply a variety of programs. However, I recommend good master in his work any one package and follow the novelties of your developer as their appearance on the market.

    Camera Raw Table 1. Adobe Camera Raw is the most widely used program of RAW-conversion among professional photographers ..

    Diversity of RAW-formats

    RAW-format file format is not in the full sense of the word, such as JPEG and TIFF, and each manufacturer offers a variety of RAW-format. For example, Nikon uses the format. NEF, and Canon -. CRW. Therefore, the programs from different vendors work only with their own RAW-files. For example, files. NEF, created cameras Nikon, you can not open converter for kenonovskih RAW-files. Of course, if you have the same name camera manufacturer, special problems arise. It should be borne in mind that some manufacturers offer an open standard. DNG, which is largely compatible with strangers conversion programs.

    Camera Raw Figure 1.

    However, the ability of the developer programs still cameras are more limited in comparison with other generic technical solutions. Partly because, although the camera manufacturers and can produce excellent cameras, they are not great experts in software development. Therefore, the level of excellence provided by a product such as, for example, Adobe Camera Raw, often superior to any decisions of camera manufacturers.

    In recent years, the situation begins to change. So, Nikon together with software developer Nik Software released improved RAW-converter for use with RAW-files, as well as the formats TIFF and JPEG. At the same time it does not support other people’s RAW-formats.

    Converting open RAW-format

    Converters open format remain the most popular solution for high quality professional work. There are several options available. Which one is better – a subjective question, it depends largely on the intended nature of the work and personal preferences.

    Camera Raw Figure 2.

    2006 survey showed that the program Adobe’s Camera Raw (ACR) was the most popular among professionals, and its closest competitors were converters camera manufacturers. However, the analysis was conducted before the advent of Adobe Lightroom, and Apple’s Aperture program was still little known. Moreover, a significant proportion of users (13%) applied program RawShooter firm Pixmantec, which was then acquired by Adobe. Some RawShooter’s technology were almost exactly built into Lightroom.

    The survey assumed that probably one of the most important factors for choosing programs RAW-converter-tation is an opportunity to integrate without complications in prospective imaging software. Since Photoshop in various embodiments the leader in this field, it is natural to expect that as the ACR. Lightroom and take a leading position.

    It is possible to use two (or more) programs simultaneously because some of the more convenient for some tasks, others – to the other. Nevertheless, digital processing can be quite complex and require a significant amount of time. Working with several programs can greatly delay the process of image processing. So I would advise you to better opportunities to learn one program, if the technology and circumstances dictate otherwise.

    Camera Raw Figure 3. Available and other programs RAW-conversion, they also can be used for digital processing. However, they should be considered as an option if the only benefits from the use of multiple programs exceed the inconveniences arising from the transition from program to program.

    It is difficult to give advice without knowing in detail the individual requirements of a particular photographer. I used to use a lot of the program Adobe Camera Raw. However, there is reason to believe that the product is better than Apple Aperture, a Lightroom contains the decisions taken from the ACR. My advice – first get acquainted with the trial version of the program you intend to use. What could be better than the pre-test it?

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