Quick test tablet Supra M145G: double 3G

Quick test tablet Supra M145G: double 3G


    The new ten-tablet Supra boasts decent IPS-matrix, quad-core processor and support for as much as two SIM-cards, which is not typical for tablets – particularly large. Thus the cost of the device, how we love, low – about nine thousand. Aged Does Supra M145G combination of price and quality? Try to find out

    ten-plates is not fashionable – they tend to be large, heavy, does not fit in all branches of the bag or backpack. In general, with a seven-eight-gadgets to communicate much easier. Perhaps that is why many manufacturers focus is on compact “tablets.” Nevertheless, large plates still not out of items. Moreover, periodically appear very “tasty” offers – for example Supra M145G. Acquainted with the device closer.

    ⇡ # Appearance and ergonomics

    Supra M145G distinguish from the other ten-tablet – not an easy task. Memorable features in the exterior of the gadget there is little, except that snow-white frame around the display – a relatively rare phenomenon. And for Supra M145G is the only color, black this tablet does not happen.

    Supra M145G – faceplate

    By designing a ten “pills” should be approached very carefully and closely monitor the dimensions of the device. If even a little too far, the gadget will be inconvenient to use. Fortunately, M145G with dimensions okay. Case thickness acceptable – about an inch, a standard weight – 635 grams. Of course, after the iPad Air can say that the “Supra” is a small problem with being overweight, but Android tablets are almost always a little harder.

    Supra M145G – faceplate

    The frame around the display – standard sizes. The device is comfortable to hold in a vertical and in a horizontal orientation. Touch control keys, physical buttons on the front panel is not. Located at the top of “eyes” odnomegapikselnoy front camera and light sensor.

    Supra M145G – Back

    “backrest” plate made of aluminum. It is located on the main lens, five megapixel cameras with LED flash, while the bottom panel is an external speaker. Connectors for two full-size SIM-card and microSD card hidden under a white plastic cap underneath are the same antenna.

    Supra M145G – connectors on the front panel

    All available device connectors are on the top end. Here is the headset jack, micro-HDMI, micro-USB 2.0 and a connector for the charger, which in principle is not strictly necessary – the device is able to eat and from the usual USB.

    Supra M145G – lateral faces

    The power button is placed on the top, under the index finger. On the right side is derived volume keys and a physical button “home.” About ergonomics device no complaints – it is really convenient to use. Assembly, unfortunately, has caused us some problems. In particular, if not much pressure on the lateral sides, the entire area of ​​the screen will appear colored stains. Hopefully, this flaw in our test sample.

    ⇡ # Specifications

    Supra M145G
    10.1-inch, 1280×800, IPS
    Touch Screen
    Capacitive (10 points), responsive to touch gloves in the loose
    air gap
    Oleophobic coating
    A polarizing filter
    MediaTek MT8389: quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (ARMv7), 1.2 GHz 28 nm Process Technology
    Graphics Controller
    Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX544
    1 GB DDR3
    Flash Memory
    16 GB + microSD
    1 x micro-USB 2.0
    1 x micro-HDMI 1.3
    1 x headset jack 3.5 mm
    1 x microSD
    2 x SIM
    Support for two full-size SIM-cards
    GPS, A-GPS
    Accelerometer, magnetometer (digital compass), light sensor
    The main camera
    5 megapixel (2560×1920), autofocus, LED flash
    Front camera
    1 megapixel (1280×768), no autofocus
    Non-removable battery
    Capacity 24 Wh (6500 mAh, 3.7 V)
    Size mm
    Case thickness 10 mm
    Weight, g
    Google Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    average price, RR.

    Supra M145G – information about the system and “hardware” according to the application CPU-Z

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