Quick test smartphone Supra M621G: whether to pay more?

Quick test smartphone Supra M621G: whether to pay more?


    Six-inch smart phones have become so popular that they have rushed to produce everything from world famous companies to producers of the second and the third and fourth levels. And the little-known vendors are sometimes very unusual and interesting solutions. For example, with a very nice price – Supra offers “smartplate” M621G, who stands only $150.

    Price – certainly the most important quality of any goods in general and smartphones in particular. Fans pay has always been a bit. The further progress is being made in this field, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

    The difference between leaders and overtaking is reduced, but the price spread – perhaps even increased. As a result, the meaning is to give $500 for a brand new gadget is one of the largest manufacturers, every year there are fewer. Of course, if the logo of the fashion for you – not the deciding factor when buying a device.

    Now the cost of a good smartphone is not the most popular manufacturer is around $300 – $450. For the same money, by the way, you can buy some expensive prior flagship brand. The same one that has some six months ago was worth $750 – $900. Nevertheless something “live” buy for less than 300 dollars, in the world of portable electronics is virtually impossible.

    How to treat a six-inch “plafond”, which according to the specifications is not inferior to more expensive counterparts, and costs about 150 dollars? Try to understand what is suitable and fit Supra M621G whether anything at all.

    First impressions of the device – it is a massive, very much. Shell thickness in the area of ​​centimeters – is acceptable, although I would like a little less, but the weight is not friendly – 235 grams. Supra M621G “peeps” from almost any pocket and pulls noticeably to land the hand that holds it.

    By the way, one-handed operation with this device is hardly anybody out, so that should be immediately adjusted to the fact that the smartphone “two-handed”. That is a rather small plate on which you can call, rather than the phone.

    There are no complaints ergonomic device – convenient to use gadget as much as it may be convenient to use a six-inch “smartshet.” Basic virtual buttons, are located directly on the display. The front panel is also located in the front lens, 0.3-megapixel camera, earpiece and ambient light sensors and proximity.

    Below the display, despite the relatively large size of the site, no keys. Framework, by the way, wide on all sides – it is clear that the task to save the area’s engineers did not stand.

    Location of quite comfortable. The power button and volume buttons are on the right side. Button short-stroke, relief, pleasant to the touch. Interface micro-USB 2.0 and 3.5 mm universal audio jack brought to an upper bound. On all sides of the tablet passes silver edging “under the metal.” In general, the design Supra M621G bit like grown plump and phones Samsung Galaxy Note.

    The gadget is made of glossy plastic, which is very easy to leave fingerprints. Fortunately, they are virtually invisible white. By the way, the only one available for Supra M621G color – white. The rear panel contains the main lens, megapixel camera, LED flash and an external speaker slot.

    “Back” in the smartphone removable. The basic area underneath takes lithium-ion battery 9.25 Wh (2500 mAh, 3.7 V). Here are the connectors for two full-size SIM-card and “flash” format microSD.

    Specifications Supra M621G

    • Display: 6 inches, 960×540, IPS
    • Touch Screen: Capacitive, up to 5 simultaneous touches
    • Air gap: Yes
    • Oleophobic coating: No
    • Polarizing filter: No
    • Processor: MediaTek MT8312: dual-core ARM Cortex-A7, the frequency of 1.3 GHz; 28 nm process technology
    • Graphics Controller: ARM Mali-400 MP2
    • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
    • Flash Memory: 8 GB + microSD
    • Connectors: 1 x micro-USB 2.0; 1 x headset jack 3.5 mm; 1 x microSD 2 x SIM
    • Cellular: Built 2G/3G-modem; Support for two SIM-cards (full size)
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n
    • Bluetooth: 3.0
    • NFC: No
    • IR: No
    • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS
    • Sensors: Light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer / gyroscope, magnetometer (digital compass)
    • Main camera: 2.2 megapixel (1920×1152), no autofocus, LED flash
    • Front camera: 0.3 megapixel (640×480), no autofocus
    • Battery: Removable battery 9.25 Wh (2500 mAh, 3.7 V)
    • Size: 168×88 mm, thickness 10 mm housing
    • Weight: 235 g
    • Protection against water and dust: No
    • OS: Google Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean); Standard shell with minimal changes
    • Estimated price: about $150


    The fact that the smartphone refers to the initial price range, will remind many trivia and components of the device. For example, the display of Supra M621G six-inch, but its resolution – only 540×960 pixels (qHD). Of course, for such a large screen it is not enough – the individual pixels are visible even at a distance of half-bent arm.

    Well at least that such a distance they are not too intrusive. Low pixel density – 183 pixels per inch. It will interfere in the first place for those who love to read eBooks on the screen smartphone – small fonts look blurry. For movies and photos in general enough permission.

    Display based on the technology IPS. It’s nice that even in such a budget smartphone is not set obsolete TN-matrix. True, the “ah-pee-es” in M621G very unusual varieties. The fact that the deviation from the perpendicular view significantly decreases the contrast.

    However, this common lack of budgetary displays. Multitouch capacitive layer smartphone is able to recognize up to five simultaneous keystrokes and accurately identify gestures.

    The display Supra M621G very broad framework for the display backlight. Minimum luminosity white field – 35 cd/m2, maximum – 342 cd/m2. Such a large difference can comfortably use the device in the dark and in bright light. The only omission – the lack of anti-glare filter.

    Direct sunlight the screen fades and afraid – you have to seek shade. It is noteworthy that the smartphone has a light sensor – the gadget is able to set their own comfort level backlight.

    Luminosity of the black field is also quite high, although in this case it is better – less. At maximum brightness, it reaches 0.65 nits. About 525:1 contrast screen – not the highest. But set the display is very good. Color gamut screen almost completely corresponds to the space sRGB, which rarely occurs even in mid-market smartphones – and among the flagships not to spread everywhere.

    The smartphone is built on a budget (and, among other things, “tablet”) platform MediaTek MT8312, which consists of only two core ARM Cortex-A7, running at 1.3 GHz. RAM Supra M621G 1 GB (DDR3), the volume of the built-in flash drive – 8 GB, available for the user about 5.3.

    The device has a slot for memory cards format microSD. It would seem to cope with the high loads on the computer system gadget can not – “iron”, though fresh, but not too productive. However, it is not.

    Due to the low resolution of the display processor is good enough to cope with their responsibilities, so that the gadget is quite cheerfully. When performing household tasks device virtually retarding smartly switches between applications and smooth animation displays the operating system.

    Supra M621G easily copes with web surfing and multimedia tasks. Is that when playing video in HD “cover” can become thoughtful.

    Graphics Controller role played by our old friend Mali-400 MP2. With video playback in standard definition and launch of casual arcade device copes with no problems. Unusually, that with such a poor, frankly, filling the device can run more “heavy” applications. For example, with occasional freezes on Supra M621G work Minion Rush and Asphalt 8: Airbone (the latter, of course, with the minimum quality settings).

    Nevertheless, fans of play we do not recommend to buy Supra M621G – this is not a gaming device. On average, the complexity of test 2 Basemark Taiji gadget showed 27,2 FPS – this is the result, far from the record: top processors for a year give this test 60 FPS, which can not jump up – this is the frequency Vsync. In a more intensive tasks 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited estimates were, as expected, much more modest.

    Another positive side of the device – support for two SIM-cards. Working with them is implemented in the same way as in other gadgets on the platform MediaTek, about which we have told you. After installing the card in the slot (the device uses full sized SIM cards) Smartphone assign them names and numbers. At each SIM to assign a specific action – a voice call, send messages, or access to the network.

    From wireless networking device supports Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi b / g / n. Set standard – NFC and LTE on the status are not entitled. Available on board modules work quite normally. In the home Wi-Fi-network “smartshet” gained 10-12 Mbit / s at the reception – with more than enough for comfortable work in the Internet.

    During navigation in Supra M621G module responsible GPS – without GLONASS. Half a minute later – without access to the Internet – gadget found ten satellites and guided by him, with the radius of the navigation error was extremely small – only two meters. With Supra M621G certainly will not get lost.

    Powered gadget, as we have said, a removable lithium-ion battery 9.25 Wh (2500 mAh, 3.7 V). For a six-inch “smartplate” is not very high capacity – in such devices are usually put batteries 3000 mAh and “thicker”. Nevertheless, due to the very low cost of the processor and screen resolution can expect long battery life.

    In the profile test gadget AnTuTu scored 523 points, the discharge from 95% to 14% in two hours 55 minutes. Display brightness was set to maximum, and the wireless network. The result is acceptable, if we take into account the very high intensive tasks. With moderate use the battery enough for the working day, but still remains around 20%. In standby mode, energy is not consumed almost. Supra M621G charged by micro-USB.

    Set a smartphone camera, they say, for the record. Use them regularly will hardly because of too limited capacity. The fact that both literally microscopic sensor: front camera boasts a resolution of 0.3 MP, back – 2 megapixels. Both modules are deprived of the autofocus system; main camera equipped with LED flash.


    At the end of the review that the reader can form a correct attitude towards Supra M621G, we have once again reminded that this gadget is worth $150. Obviously, the lowest price – the main advantage of the tested device. Emphasize: the main, but to our surprise, not only one.

    Pros Supra M621G:

    • Large, six-inch display with almost complete coverage sRGB;
    • Decent performance and “smooth” the current shell;
    • Support work with two SIM-cards.

    Cons in “smartplate” can be found a lot – depends on with what to compare. Given the price category, lets look at the main cons.

    Cons Supra M621G:

    • Small sensor rear camera and no autofocus;
    • Large by the standards of six-inch gadgets weight;
    • Low contrast.

    This list could be to add low screen resolution, but we, for obvious reasons, did not do this. In general gadget to get a balanced and interesting. His money, he certainly fulfills. A good compromise between quality and cost.

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