Quick test multimedia speaker Edifier R1280T

Quick test multimedia speaker Edifier R1280T


    At the end of last year the company Edifier announced the completion of its flagship line of multimedia speakers Edifier Studio several interesting new products, among them – the hero of our today’s review, the active system Edifier R1280T.

    Common to the entire family Studio is still a great classic design with wood décor and a fully digital path. Innovation can be called extremely modest size 2-way system Edifier R1280T: still such small models in the top Studio series were not issued.


    Despite the compactness model Edifier R1280T develops a fairly decent power – of up to 42 watts RMS, which is quite impressive value for desktop design. Novelty is equipped with two analog inputs with RCA connectors and comes with a wireless remote.

    To this we must add enough democratic retail price – less than $ 100 at the time of publication of this material. So in today’s tests can only find out how pleasant appearance corresponds to the quality of performance and, most importantly, the sound quality of this system.

    Characteristics declared by the manufacturer

    2.0-channel active speaker Edifier R1280T
    Claimed power output 2×21 W RMS (THD + N = 10%)
    Input sensitivity PC: 750 ± 50 mV; AUX: 550 ± 50 mV (THD + N = 1%)
    Claimed weighted ratio “signal / noise” amplifier ≥ 85 dBA total harmonic distortion ≤ 0,05%
    Design speaker Two 2-way satellite speakers, built-in power amplifier and power
    Claimed frequency range 75 – 18 000 Hz
    Speakers 4-inch midrange speaker, magnetically shielded, 6 ohms;
    0,5 – inch tweeter with silk dome and magnetically shielded, 4 Ohm
    Material subwoofer and satellites Fiberboard (MDF)
    Inputs Switched two analog input signal source (RCA)
    Control System Infrared remote control, wired remote with display
    Tone Control Low and high frequency
    Dimensions 146x234x196 mm
    Weight 4,9 kg
    Price £79.00 [easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”none” asin=”B00GBN50SC” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”small-orange” localization=”default” locale=”UK” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-21″ width=”137″]

    Design and execution

    The system comes in a compact (as possible), packaging, and its actual delivery includes two columns – active and passive, signal cable, remote control, user manual and warranty card.



    Traditional book format for textbooks – that is perhaps the most accurate approach for comparison with the size of each speaker system Edifier R1280T. They really are extremely compact, while at the same time there are all the trappings of “adult speakers” – decorative grilles, two speakers, bass, noble performance “under the tree.” Such speakers, no doubt, will decorate any interior, including severe situation solid cabinet.



    Cases Speakers – a classic parallelepipeds, the width slightly less than the depth. Housing material – for the traditional flagship systems Edifier MDF (MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard, “medium density fiberboard”) top class E0, which means high quality, stable performance, resistance to moisture and complete absence in the formaldehyde and other toxic substances.


    Proceed to study the components of the system – and start with the tweeter. In this case, playback high frequency range assigned to 1/2-inch (13 mm) tweeter with silk dome design diffuser and magnetically shielded. Resistance tweeter is 4 ohms.

    Diffuser mid-low frequency speaker diameter of 4 inches (116 mm) made of molded paper interspersed with wool. This combination of materials we have seen in the construction of a midrange we tested previously and was commended by 2-way system Edifier R1900TII. Midrange woofer equipped magnetically shielded woofer, the resistance is 6 ohms. Reflex system with front location calibrated about 75 Hz.








    Proceed to the study of “content” active speaker.



    Power supply system, located at the bottom of the active speaker, support any voltage in the range of 110-240 V. Thanks scheme wavelet transform it is characterized by compact size, high efficiency and low heat losses. Equipped with its own power supply additional screen of blackened foil.



    By family tradition Studio main electronics system Edifier R1280T located on board combined with the rear panel communication, which, in turn, derived both input and output of the second column.


    Edifier R1280T system is based on the fully digital path using amplifiers class D. As the final amplifiers used Texas Instruments TAS5713 chip with integrated equalizer and digital correction signal (DRC, Digital Room Correction), and the controller specifies STM8S103 and on-chip crystal oscillator NJU6368.

    TAS5713 chips are effective Amplifiers Class D, providing output power up to 25 W at a supply voltage of 20 V and 8 ohm load order, regardless of the channels with 24-dB volume control and supports digital input with 8-48 kHz sampling.

    Amplifier, in a compact 48-pin HTQFP dimensions 7×7 mm, equipped with a heat sink (in our case it serves as the back plate of the bearing bracket communication board). Additionally, an ADC circuit used Texas Instruments PCM1808 (dynamic range of 93 dB, 24-bit Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital conversion with a 64-fold oversampling, and the sampling frequencies of 8-96 kHz).


    Volume and Tone on a separate fee, fixed side of the active column. The volume control is a walkover with typical “little steps” when changing volume from low to high, as regulators Bass and Treble knobs are used with conventional lock “zero”.



    The supplied system R1280T infrared remote control allows you to vary the volume or mute the sound, as well as change the bass and treble, ie completely duplicates the functions built into the active column TONE. Control panel is powered by two batteries AAA form factor. Wired remote control system is not completed.



    Practical Test

    Speaker Edifier R1280T applies to models desktop, or as they are called, a tray – it is intended primarily for music playback. So if you look for a speakers for playback clang and roar of battle scenes in games or movies, it is better to look towards something else, with a subwoofer.



    The specifications of the system contains the lower limit frequency response – 75 Hz, and very well that the manufacturer did not go to the embellishment of this parameter, as some do, manipulating characteristics AFC. But on these 75 Hz system is running at full capacity and dynamics.

    In particular, the great jazz sound with classic brass and stringed instrument, such as Vaya Con Dios and most of the works of Louis Armstrong. By the way, in both cases looks very expressive vocals, and in general any compositions with a distinct male or female vocals, this system plays very well and reliably – thanks almost linear portion of the frequency response up to 1.5 kHz.

    That same can be said with respect to the compositions of any genre with a predominance of acoustic instruments, and symphonic compositions even when playing a number of classical works. Is that with chants all is not well, a little lacking dynamics, but there is clearly affecting small size acoustics.

    Enough qualitatively reproduced most rock ‘n’ roll, rock and pop songs, though in some cases – especially with the vibrant and rich digital picture effects – the sound becomes somewhat unusual hue, which, however, can be assessed only in a positive way and to which, after some time as a certain pleasant sound characteristics of this system. Listen dynamic recording Aerosmith, KISS, AC-DC – and you’ll see what I mean.

    With metal is not so rosy – speakers still sometimes not enough, especially when it comes to trash-and brutal death -metal. But since when true connoisseurs of “metal” listen through desktop speakers?

    I would like to emphasize once again that all of these subjective assessments of sound produced relatively similar systems of the same bench-shelf class, and among them, it is necessary To its credit, the system Edifier R1280T is perhaps one of the best choices.

    When compared with the full-fledged multimedia quality acoustics victory clearly get, for example, the same Edifier R1900TII, however, and the size, and the price in this case will be very different.

    In conclusion, we offer you the frequency response taken by the manufacturer in real terms, in the workplace apart and connected speakers.


    [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B00GBN50SC” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”UK” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-21″]Less than a hundred dollars for a set of multimedia active 2-way speakers, masterfully executed in classic case “under the tree”, with enough thoughtful combination of characteristics, impressive output with total capacity of 42 W RMS and excellent for such a compact device sound.

    Asking price for the system is adequate to its capabilities – of course, provided that you are looking for a desktop system is not going to replace it something more.


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