Put another record jump from the stratosphere

Put another record jump from the stratosphere


    The other day, another record was set on the jumps from the stratosphere.

    At this time, the height of 41 km and the record turned vice president of Google, Engineering Alan Eustace. It should be noted that such jumps – is not easy, for example, Alan Eustace preparing for it for three years.


    The previous record holder was an Austrian Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from a height of 39 km. On the day of the jump Eustace spent about four hours in an oxygen chamber. Then he changed into his suit, which by its characteristics resembles a space suit. After that, he took to the air in a balloon filled with helium.

    Rise to the desired height took over American about two hours. Another half hour top manager, Google held at the height of 41 km, enjoying the scenery and getting ready to jump. Only after that he separated from the module and began a free fall. Falling speed reaches 1,287 km / h and at an altitude of 5.5 km. Eustace opened the parachute and after another quarter of an hour landed safely.

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