PureLiFi specialists created the world’s first light LAN

PureLiFi specialists created the world’s first light LAN


    Company pureLiFi, specializing in communication technology using light introduced, according to her, the world’s first light LAN Li-Fi.

    In this network, standard LED lamps are transformed into a wireless access point. The company has manufactured all the components needed to build “attonetworks.”

    Recall prefix atto means 10-18, that is, the name is formed by analogy with names such as the names and femtoset piconet, and points to the small size.

    The network can serve multiple mobile users at the same time, allowing them to move indoors, automatically switching to the nearest “Lamps” to maintain a high quality of communication.

    Технология Li-Flame может придать новый импульс интернету вещей

    According to the manufacturer, the first step to a thousand-fold increase in the density of local networks compared to Wi-Fi. Note that the network uses technology developed pureLiFi connection with the use of light, which does not need line of sight.

    As stated, it can be a key in the development of the Internet of things. The network consists of mobile infrared transceivers Li-Flame, connect to the host interface USB.

    Deliveries of equipment Li-Flame company plans to begin this quarter.

    Source: pureLiFi

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