Presented a working prototype of a modular smartphone Ara

Presented a working prototype of a modular smartphone Ara


    Organization Phoneblocks showed the first video of a promising development Google – modular smartphone Ara. In it demonstrated a working prototype of the device, as well as the process of creating modules and assemblies smartphone.

    Представлен рабочий прототип модульного смартфона Ara

    As has been demonstrated the first working version of Ara, its software has not been optimized, and the device works quite slowly.

    Smartphone Ara consists of the main board, equipped with connectors for all other required modules – such as screen, memory and battery. The main innovation of the device is that the user will be able to replace a module, the characteristics of which it has not ustaivaet, more perfect.

    Thus it will be possible to increase the amount of memory or set a better camera.

    work on the concept of Project Ara start of Motorola, but its sale at Lenovo, Google has left the development itself. She also attracted to the project a major producer of mobile chips Rockchip.

    Another Google announced the holding of a special conference for module developers. It consists January 14, 2015, and among other things on it should be presented an updated version of the package to design modules Ara MDK.

    According to the project manager – Paul Eremenko – the first smartphone based on Ara, arrive on the market in early 2015. Estimated price of the device with a simple set of modules will be about $ 50.

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