Precious version of the iPhone 6 is devoted to cars Bugatti

Precious version of the iPhone 6 is devoted to cars Bugatti


    Since the announcement of the iPhone 6 jewelers of Caviar have been working on the creation of a precious version of the device. It took a month of work, with the result that was created by the gold-based smartphone Caviar iPhone 6.

    Among the novelties presented designer iPhone 6, dedicated to automobiles Bugatti. Representatives brand Caviar noted that iPhone 6 design features demanded by jewelers and designers of new solutions in the field of gold coating and processing, as well as mounting technology with heat-resistant and insulating materials.


    One of the new Caviar based iPhone 6 will be a collection Motore d rsquo; Oro ( ” Golden Motors “), dedicated to the legends of the Italian automotive industry. Open line of two models of smart phones, car inspired Bugatti.

    One unit is devoted to expensive collectible vintage cars and, in particular, models Aerolithe 1935 release, and the second – the latest developments Bugatti and futuristic concept car authorship Douglas Hogg. Smartphones got recognizable features of the exterior and interior of luxury cars, say the creators of jewelry iPhone 6.

    Prices range Caviar iPhone 6 starts with $ 3540, and the debut model in the collection Motore d rsquo; Oro are $ 4400 and $ 4485, depending on the leather trim or carbon fiber. Memory Capacity smartphones Caviar iPhone 6 is 128 GB. Phones already available in Russia, the official website of Caviar.

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