Players Minecraft «blasted” Denmark and established on the ruins of an American flag

Players Minecraft «blasted” Denmark and established on the ruins of an American flag


    State Agency geodata Denmark to promote its activities and educational purposes has created a huge map in Minecraft, where Denmark has been recreated in scale 1:1 on the basis of accurate three-dimensional relief maps.

    Игроки Minecraft «взорвали» Данию и установили на руинах американский флаг

    This interesting project is one of the biggest games for Minecraft – to create a location has been used in excess of 4 trillion units for which data took about 1 terabyte of disk space. Agency launched server and politely invited all comers players to connect to it to explore their homeland Lego and Carlsberg and, if desired, finish and decorate the city.

    But it’s Minecraft, where each block can be destroyed. And if you want – you can destroy many blocks at once (using dynamite). You probably guessed that ended it all is not “traveling around the country.” Players joining the game immediately started vandals and mock carefully recreated Denmark.

    Although there have been, because the Danish government agency has banned the use of dynamite as a precaution. But forgot to turn off all the features of its production and use. As the site says The Register, players discovered that if you set the dynamite in the cart, the tool of mass destruction work. They immediately mined and undermined several Danish cities. On the ruins of Copenhagen, as unambiguous characters they built several American tanks and several huge American flags with the inscription “America”.

    “We believe that this is the essence of the game in Minecraft – blocks are destroyed to create structures out of them”, – complains representative of the Danish Agency, Chris Hammeken. “Therefore we decided not to restart the Danish demonstration in Minecraft. We, however, and rebuilt several major locations in the building if they will be destroyed and nothing new in their place will not be built. “

    Anyone can download sites “Danish map” on the official website of the agency. It is very popular – it downloaded more than 200 000 people.

    “We are very pleased that so many players around the world are having fun on our map and create cool things,” concluded Hammeken.

    P.S. As a bonus, a small selection of comments to the original news:

    “Did Danish oil?”

    “Welcome to the world wars of the future”

    “Wow, I did not know that Americans give democracy even in virtual reality”

    “At least in Denmark, Greenland always be … oh … wait …”

    “Obama certainly should apologize for it!”

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