Play Doom on an ATM? Easily!

Play Doom on an ATM? Easily!


    Doom – classic first-person shooter – this has long been a record for the number of the most incredible ports. Tried to run the game on everything, where there is a screen and a processor.

    Сыграть в Doom на банкомате? Легко!

    At this time, enthusiasts got to the ATM. Group of strange people from Australia decided that the project id Software must necessarily appear on such devices.

    Chainsaw to destroy the demons, indeed, sometimes more exciting than getting the money.

    This is – from an objective point of view – not too complicated hack. Usually used in modern ATMs quite domestic “iron” and the familiar Windows XP as the OS. Since the launch of Doom on this basis is simple – only required to install a pair of special programs.

    Another thing – control. Uniqueness Australians initiative consists in reassigning a few buttons of the machine. Works pretty much the guys: they managed to fit the side keys to select weapons, but with a digital unit still need to try.

    Among other things going insane use built-in printer. They want it gave not only checks, but also printed pictures showing that the client has reached a certain level.

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