Platform Microsoft Health and smart bracelet Microsoft Band to help the user to maintain good physical shape

Platform Microsoft Health and smart bracelet Microsoft Band to help the user to maintain good physical shape


    Microsoft has introduced a platform Microsoft Health, whose mission is to centralize the collection, exchange and analysis of data on the physical condition of the user. Earlier similar functions performed service Microsoft HealthVault, which in future will be integrated with Microsoft Health.

    Data will be received from various devices, including the first wearable device presented simultaneously with a new platform. It’s called Microsoft Band and is a smart bracelet.

    Умный браслет Microsoft Band стоит $199

    Microsoft Band combines the features of smart watches and fitness trackers. The bracelet is compatible with mobile devices running under Windows Phone, Android and iOS (Microsoft offers users of all three mobile platforms appropriate application version Health). To connect to a mobile device interface uses Microsoft Band Bluetooth 4.0.

    The device can track the movements of the user, given the distance traveled and the speed measure body temperature, heart rate, monitor the level of perspiration and energy consumption. Among the interesting features – measuring the level of ultraviolet radiation, as well as keeping bedtime.

    However, as already mentioned, Microsoft Band – larger than the device for fitness. It shows the notification of incoming calls and received messages, stock quotes and weather forecasts, scheduling reminders and other similar information.

    When used in conjunction with a device that is running Windows Phone 8.1, is available to service the voice assistant Cortana, which allows you to leave notes and reminders. Of course, the bracelet is capable of displaying the current time.

    Умный браслет Microsoft Band стоит $199

    Microsoft Band features include touchscreen color LCD display measuring 1.4 inches on the diagonal and a resolution of 320 x 106 pixels. Furthermore, as is clear from the description of functions have a microphone, a receiver GPS, accelerometer or other sensor (a total of ten pieces).

    Margin of autonomy, according to the manufacturer, up to 48 hours. The device is protected from the weather, keeping the temperature range from -10 ° C to 40 ° C. Worth Microsoft Band $ 199. Taking orders in the company’s online store has already begun.

    We note that similar solutions offered by other companies: it is enough to recall the Samsung Gear Fit and Garmin Vivosmart.

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