Photokina 2014: Canon has updated cloud platform irista

Photokina 2014: Canon has updated cloud platform irista


    Canon has introduced a number of innovations for its cloud-based photo management irista in the next stage of development of the platform, was launched in June. Thanks to the new user interface, optimized for tablets, the ability to create photo albums directly on the platform, a direct connection to Canon cameras with support for Wi-Fi and other features irista service has become more flexible and convenient.

    Connect to cloud storage irista became possible directly from Canon cameras with support for Wi-Fi. Images from the camera can be instantly loaded into the repository and access them from all compatible devices with a single touch of a button.

    In addition, in December 2014 decision irista will be optimized for other platforms and will be available for owners of the popular tablets running iOS and Android. In addition, when irista the ability to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom program and to create a single photo archive directly on the base of the platform.

    Integration with Lightroom allow irista publish data in a format XMP, to search such data for image filtering metadata Lightroom and sync photos after editing them.

    Members pogut choose from several options to subscribe to the service irista depending on individual needs. Subscription entry level provides free access to the storage capacity of 10 GB. For large volumes of content available expanded storage capacity of 50 GB and 100 at the following prices:

    • up to 50 GB: 4.99 euros per month, or 49.00 euros per year
    • up to 100 GB of 10.99 euros per month or 109.00 euros per year
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