Photo of Prisma is transformed into a social network

Photo of Prisma is transformed into a social network


    the sensational this summer English photo Prisma, turning snapshots into works of art using the technology of neural networks and artificial intelligence, received a new major update, which can be described as the largest of all time. Thanks to apdejtu Prisma gradually transformed from an ordinary photo into a social network.

    at Prisma appeared “news” section, where after registration and enabling “Geodata” begins to display the processed images of other users made near your location. At the top of the list are placed those fotoshedevry that collected the most likes. Also there is an interactive map, which displays pictures from different corners of the world.

    another important change is the abolition of cropping images “under the square. The resolution of the resulting pictures too changed for the better. Now it is 1920 x 1080 pixels instead of 1080×1080 pixels.

    in the new section “profile” the user will see a list of your subscriptions and those who follow his updates.


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