Pawscout produces wearable electronic device for dogs and cats

Pawscout produces wearable electronic device for dogs and cats


    According to US statistics, the country every seven seconds lost pet. Such a fate awaits every third pupil, and only one in ten again falls into the hands of the hosts.

    To the best way to counter this crazy marathon intended Pawscout Pet Finder device cost about $ 30.

    Pet Finder помогает найти потерявшегося питомца

    Pet Finder is attached to the collar. After that, the device according to the manufacturer, is paired with any mobile phone that allows you to know the location of the dog or cat within a radius of 70 meters and be notified when a smaller brother too far removed.

    Moreover, if the dog or cat with a beacon will receive within other mobile device on which the application is installed Pawscout, its user will automatically receive notification of it and be able to convey information about the location of the disappearance of the owner (on the principle of networks Social GPS).

    Wearable electronic device Pet Finder is shockproof and waterproof structure. It replaces the traditional metal tag, since the relevant information engraved on the back surface of the device. Without replacing the power supply Pet Finder works year.

    Source: Pawscout

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