Parade DP667 – first eDP timing controller with support for 4K video

Parade DP667 – first eDP timing controller with support for 4K video


    idt_edp-touch-over-aux_hiresCompany Parade Technologies, recently released a repeater PS8409 with video 4K, which improves the signal to HDMI 2.0, almost simultaneously introduced another novelty – first controller synchronization (timing controller, Tcon) eDP interface with support for 4K video. The product has received index DP667.

    The controller is designed for liquid crystal displays, 4K, used in computer monitors and personal computers monobloc layout. According to the manufacturer, DP667 – the first controller of its kind that supports the use of the protocol DisplayPort SST (Single Stream Transport) for video 4K.

    In more detail, DP667 supports resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels with 24-bit and 30-bit representation of color information from the frame refresh rate to 60 Hz. Such opportunities are provided using a single thread eDP (Embedded DisplayPort), operating at HBR2 (5,4 Gbit / s) using all four lines Main Link. Protocol selection SST allows to simplify the system as opposed to using the protocol DisplayPort MST (Multi Stream Transport).

    The controller complies with the DP667 eDP v1.3 and supports backlight control channel eDP AUX, as well as power management modes eDP, including work with the variable frame rate (DisplayPort Adaptive Sync).

    Issue DP667 chips in housing type and DRQFN WFBGA already begun.

    Source: Parade Technologies

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