Panasonic Open House: that comes into our homes this summer

Panasonic Open House: that comes into our homes this summer


    May 23 in the show room of the main office of the annual event held Panasonic Panasonic Open House. Invited journalists and dealers were able to get acquainted with new company, which will go on sale this summer, and to evaluate advanced technologies Panasonic, including those in Russia is not yet available.

    The meeting came unformatted and informal, friendly staff was not satisfied with the presentation of lectures, although willingly told about each new product, so that everyone can choose their own than interested. The female part of the audience in the first few minutes were near the stand with appliances for personal care. Did not deny myself this pleasure and I, the benefit was to see what.

    On the stand were presented and curling hair with a variety of baits and function Nanoe Care, which allows you to dry and straighten hair without drying, and … moistening them. Due to hair ionizer delivered negatively charged water molecules nanoe ™, and both strong and soft, cold and warm air from the dryer used in the function Quick Dry, make it easier to share and hair dry faster without damaging. Series of devices for hair with this technology has already come to the English market, but now supplemented novelty – Compact folding hair dryer EH-NA30, convenient for use in travel.

    In addition, attracted everyone’s attention, “Product of the Year” – ion vaporizer Panasonic EH-SA31VP520, can get the effect cosmetic salon visit at home, deeply moisturize and cleanse the skin.

    Ионный вапоризатор Panasonic EH-SA31VP520
    Ion Vaporizer Panasonic EH-SA31VP520

    The girls working in the company and the Panasonic had time to “the hard way” feel the effect claim that regular use helps boost collagen and compared the results with injections of hyaluronic acid.

    And, both present ladies could try out on the spot, while employees Panasonic continues to talk about instruments for care and hygiene. For example, an ultrasonic toothbrushes ionization, which lead to oral care in the home to a new level. Premium model – Panasonic EW-DE92 – support as many as four modes of operation: soft care throughout oral gentle for sensitive teeth and gums, as well as treatment for whitening and cleaning the tongue, while light ripple signals when land is cleared and you can move on to the next.

    The stand can be seen in the appliance 7 1 Panasonic ES-ED94. Seven tips, including scraper grinding feet and ultrasonic brush to remove dead skin, admit impressed me as a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to the process of hair removal. Recognizing that the once popular idea skin cooling “painless hair removal” was fundamentally wrong, as difficult to remove hairs and more often even more painful, the developers have gone to the opposite end, and invented a device that is not afraid of water and can work under the shower or in the bath filled with water, removing hairs from the skin steamed.

    However, men also have to look at. Hall took a good half of audio-visual equipment: widescreen televisions, audio systems of all sizes, photo and video cameras, as well as light bulbs, batteries and accumulators.

    Многие журналисты заинтересовались современной макросистемой
    Many journalists interested in modern macrosystem

    By the way, in June 2014 the English market will be range of innovative NiMH batteries Panasonic Eneloop. New combines the advantages of rechargeable power sources and convenience of conventional batteries. They do not need a primary charge and can be used immediately after purchase, retain the charge of up to 5 years after the last charge and can be recharged up to 3,000 times.

    This section also found its “Product of the Year” – Camcorder Panasonic HC-W850.

    Видеокамера Panasonic HC-W850, отмеченная премией «Продукт года -2014»
    Camcorder Panasonic HC-W850, award-winning “Product of the Year -2014”

    So praised Chamber received due to two unique features: Twin Camera and “baby monitors.” Twin Camera can shoot video in the “picture in picture” with additional rotating camera on the side of the LCD screen, and thanks to the “baby monitors”, it was possible to watch your child (and not only) with a smartphone online, even while away from the apartment.

    Информационная поддержка осуществлялась с широкоформатных экранов
    Informational support was carried out with widescreen displays

    However, the main action was seething, as usual, in the kitchen, where Soviet-era draws intellectuals of all stripes. It is a new series of kitchen appliances has conquered not only the minds but also the stomachs of guests who were treated to meals prepared in modern devices.

    Каждое новое открытие крышки какой-нибудь кухонной техники вызывает некоторый ажиотаж
    Each new discovery cover some kitchen appliances causes some excitement

    Panasonic representative of Japan held a master class on preparing sushi rolls with tuna and vegetables, simultaneously telling how he cooked for them in the new rice Multicookings SR-TML 500, created specifically for the English market, as clearly hinting program ” dumplings “,” stuffed “,” jam ” and “brawn”.

    Шеф и его помощница накормили роллами всех желающих
    chef and his assistant fed rolls everyone

    In addition, this model added feature making yogurt, and unique container steamer with adjustable depth helps to cook more food at one time, as well as to sterilize baby bottles. Another fundamental difference between the new items – Built-in self-cleaning program that helps to easily remove odors and dirt from the bowl, cover and steam release valve. Improved timer able to delay the start of cooking for 24 hours. If necessary multivarka retain food in the warm state for 12 hours. The updated design is made in dark silver color in matte and shiny versions and will fit in almost any kitchen, allowing you to perform almost any culinary ideas.

    Новые модели мультиварок и хлебопечка от Panasonic
    New models multivarok and bread maker from Panasonic

    So, guests were treated to this boiled pork, cooked in the same Multicookings, and bread with ham and cheese, baked in another novelty Panasonic – bread maker SD-ZB2512. This premium model features two new programs for baking and two new programs for the preparation of the test, including malodrozhzhevogo for bread and bread rolls. Panasonic SD-ZB2512 can bake 14 kinds of bread and knead dough 12 species, including barley and cook traditional English jams and dozens of desserts. In this cooking process is fully automated, the device itself adds yeast dough and filling, when the time comes.

    But the title of “Product of the Year” in the category of kitchen appliances suddenly got juicer Panasonic MJ-DJ01STQ, which, according to one of the employees of the company, except that fresh birch could not overpower.

    Соковыжималка Panasonic MJ-DJ01STQ — продукт года 2014
    Juicer Panasonic MJ-DJ01STQ – Product of the Year 2014

    As for the less exotic juices, the feed inlet diameter of 75 mm fit even large apples and oranges, and two modes to cope with both hard and soft fruit and vegetables. Fine-meshed steel mesh is easy to clean, and the spout rotates 120 degrees and can be raised and lowered, consistently filling a few glasses of juice of any height.

    With great interest I have studied the kitchen showroom, where there was a three-chamber refrigerator smart and incredibly compact dishwasher, as well as hobs, while not represented in Russia – all products of the company. It is said in Japan that Panasonic did not produce toilet paper – however, with their elektrobide it must be no longer need … Anyway, this summer again Panasonic will showcase its latest achievement for the English market, and our customers will have the opportunity to become one step closer to Japan, where the technique, in turn, striding briskly to new heights.

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