Overview shooter camera AEE S70: “hero” defeated?

Overview shooter camera AEE S70: “hero” defeated?


    Action Camera AEE Chinese company Shenzhen AEE Technology Co. Ltd. English market is already very well known to many users. These cameras do not have such a wide range of fans, like the more famous GoPro HERO, but competitors are compared with each other quite often. When this is not always preferred “heroic” series cameras more eminent manufacturer.

    In our lab action camera AEE appeared repeatedly, and almost always they deserved praise for pretty decent quality footage combined with no less workmanship. Last time we returned to the manufacturer of this product in October last year, when we tested the flagship model at the time AEE S51. Novelty, which came to us in our test lab today, claims the title of one of the leaders of the extreme movies. At this price it is unlikely to greatly upset understands the audience, as it is lower than that of peers. So, welcome – AEE S70.


    Feature AEE S51 AEE S70
    Sensor 16.0 megapixel 1 / CMOS (4608h3456)
    Lens angle 155°, f/2,8 170°, f/2,7
    Video resolution 848×480, 60/120 frames / s
    1280x720p, 30/60 frames / s
    1280x960p, 30/48 frames / s
    1920x1080p, 30 frames / s
    1920h1080i, 60 frames / s
    1280x720p, 60/120 frames / s
    1280x960p, 48/60 frames / s
    1920x1080p, 24/30/48/60 frames / s
    Photo Resolution 8 megapixel (3264h2448, 4:3)
    12 megapixel (4096h3072, 4:3)
    16 megapixel (4608h3456, 4:3)
    Video file format .mov (H.264) .mp4 (H.264)
    Audio Format WAV
    Image Format
    Standard PAL / NTSC
    Memory Cards Micro SDHC (up to 64 GB)
    Interface A/V-out HDMI USB 2.0 (Mini USB)
    Power lithium-ion battery, 5.55 Wh (1500 mAh, 3.7 V)
    Advanced Removable battery pack with LCD-display 2 ”
    Built-in stereo
    Impact-resistant outer casing with protection IP68
    Office Wi-Fi G-sensor
    Dimensions, mm 59х43х35
    Weight, g
    without display 56
    with display 116
    Warranty, months 12
    Price $320 (more details) $300 (more details)

    In the specification table to compare the data for model AEE S51. It is easy to notice that the differences between it and the novelty of our very small, but they essential. Matrix remains the same, but got a big lens aperture ratio and a wider shooting angle, reaching 170 degrees. In addition, the completely redesigned those of a camera, which relate to the resolution and video quality. First, change the permissions for a frequency of 60 frames / s. Now, at this frequency, you can shoot video with a resolution of 1080p, and analog interlaced (1080i) all passed into oblivion – it is no longer supported novelty. But secondly, there was a faster version of the shooting at 120 frames / s, which can be used to work with especially moving objects or to assess their movements when developing some trick. However, this mode only works for resolution 1280x720p, but it’s not bad.

    This mode of action have cameras GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition, but it can be attributed to the competition of another model AEE MagiCam, namely – the model with an index of S71, which, inter alia, as Hero 3 + Black Edition , can shoot 4K resolution or 2,7 K. Our novelty is the correct action would be to compare with camera GoPro Hero 3 + Silver Edition with approximately the same video modes that may be offered and AEE S70. Well, if we’ve already touched upon the comparison of performance in competition, it is necessary to note a fast lens of the camera AEE S70 and 16-megapixel to 12 megapixel shooter at the top models of cameras GoPro.


    Supplied with Camera AEE S70

    We tested sample came pre-AEE S70, but because it was different from packing boxes of those instances that are already on store shelves, but the equipment was the same. With the device in the box we found the following accessories:

    • battery;
    • removable module with LCD-display;
    • waterproof case;
    • additional door Waterproof Case;
    • cloth cover;
    • power Adapter for household electrical network;
    • miniUSB-USB cable to connect the camera to the computer and the power adapter;
    • two adjustable universal rack with a set of screws;
    • pad for mounting the camera without the waterproof case;
    • mounting Kit for flat surfaces;
    • protective ring for the lens;
    • camera strap for carrying.

    Like other action cameras AEE MagiCam, novelty pleases its user numerous accessories that other manufacturers of similar products sell for more money. Here the bundle includes a detachable display even, and for all-weather housing, there are two doors of different sizes: a camera with or without display.

    The remote control is optional

    The remote control if necessary have to buy separately, but it can hardly be attributed to the shortcomings set. But the fact that the normal bundle of the mounting elements are present, only one is not the most common type of fasteners – with a sticky pad base, once again causes a mild disorder. Straps to secure the camera on a helmet, as well as the most popular attachment to the steering wheel will have to look further and buy more.

    Appearance and ergonomics

    As specifications, design action-camera AEE S70 largely borrowed from a younger model AEE S51. One of the few bright differences in appearance of these two close relatives is not the location of controls or shape of the body, but only in the color of the front panel, which is the junior model silver, and the elder – black.

    Appearance action camera AEE S70

    In addition, the housing AEE S70 has an expressive texture, and the outer ring of the lens mount received containment ring. Plastic ring, but strongly convex objective lens covers quite well. In the field of view of the lens ring misses even when shooting at the widest angle of view. By the way, pay attention to the vents on the lens – according to representatives of the AEE, they improve the heat transfer from the matrix, thereby reducing the noise level when shooting.

    AEE S70: bottom view

    The main plastic camera body is protected from external influences. However, indoors or in the car can be used without a weatherproof housing. To install the camera on the bottom provides a standard screw mount, which is attached to the platform supplied with removable swivel foot.

    Appearance AEE S70 camera in waterproof case

    To use the new items in the harsh environment (water, snow, dust, dirt, bumps) with the camera comes with a very enclosed housing which, as the camera itself, with the rotary rack mounts and various types can be mounted almost anywhere. With the standard set of delivery, as mentioned above, can only mount the camera on a flat surface, using for this purpose sites with sticky base.

    Construction Waterproof Case

    Waterproof case compared with that of the AEE S51 model has undergone some changes. He not only became more aggressive look, but also had the opportunity to dive to a depth of 100 m, which can be called a kind of record for the action-cameras of this type. For example, the same sealed cover cameras GoPro HERO3 + allows the possibility of diving with him only 40 m.

    Controls on camera waterproof case

    Controls in weatherproof housing remained unchanged. To shoot in the upper parts of the body and the face has three sealed metal buttons that control the basic functions of the camera – shooting photos and videos. Management principles have not changed the basic processes. Separated by different surface of the body does not allow the user button at the crucial moment to get confused – they are easy to work blindly.

    Replacement door waterproof case

    Weatherproof housing made of high quality plastic two types: transparent and black with a matte finish. All components of the very precisely adjusted to each other and fastened in centimeter increments. At the bottom of the case there is mounting rack and strap hole. Rear door is removable. You can put a deep door under the camera display, and you can use almost flat door to install the camera without display. Both of them have a broad O-shaped sealing gasket that prevents ingress of external moisture and dust casing. Gasket can be easily removed and can be cleaned. Recommended regularly oiled any silicone grease. The camera itself is not loose inside the housing, and metal buttons are clearly pushing buttons on the camera.

    Basic Controls

    Besides the main control buttons, which we have already mentioned above, the front panel has four AEE S70 sliding switches, one of which, the largest, is designed to turn on and turn off the power. The remaining three perform auxiliary functions including built-in Wi-Fi and a motion sensor and switching AE (spot or full). Nearby are three status LEDs camera, which can be seen even if the camera itself is covered in weatherproof outer casing.

    The auxiliary display

    The main detachable display

    In the upper part of the body is a small auxiliary LCD display, intended to inform the use of the modes of the camera and battery. If you need to view your footage on the spot, this display can successfully replace the main, that of the whole action-series cameras AEE made removable. Removable module with display has seven display keys, including keys the menu and return to the previous page. He fastened securely enough and therefore additional locks in this case is not provided.

    The battery compartment

    Module is located under the removable battery compartment. That’s it already has a lock – movable miniature lock handle is located on the bottom surface of the camera body.

    [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00KTHKN7O” cloaking=”default” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-20″](more details)[/easyazon_block][easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00GF06PPS” cloaking=”default” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-20″](more details)[/easyazon_block]

    Interfaces camera

    All interfaces are devices placed on one of the side faces and tightly closed plastic flap. Here the user will find a memory card reader Micro SD, miniUSB port and video miniHDMI to connect the camera to a video pane.

    Concluding the story about the features of ergonomics action camera AEE S70, it remains only to note that the build quality is worthy of the highest rated new items. Soft-touch materials, perfectly fitted together elements of design and thoughtful layout of the controls – all this suggests that this is not another Chinese artifact, and a serious product, potentially ready to win a very broad audience.

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