Overview portable speaker system SVEN PS-100 BL

Overview portable speaker system SVEN PS-100 BL


    Almost every family had a portable radio. Although these devices have little to do with the speaker system SVEN PS-100 BL, they can be considered her extended family. These unsightly old radios were widely used in the campaigns, during a holiday in nature and in the country. Their sound is not amazing, but the aim is was not the case, portable radios (such as “Vega” of bright yellow or blue plastic) loved for autonomy and ease of use.

    Those days are gone, and now is not enough to simply portable audio signal is reproduced. It is much more convenient if it is connected to the tablet and smartphone, in which we can put any movie or music. Such portable audio are sometimes pleasant and sometimes a necessary complement to the tablet or smartphone. Some may ask: “In what situation, such a device might be necessary?”. Let’s say your kitchen is no TV. And if you try to watch a movie on the tablet while cooking, you can hear nothing. And attach it to SVEN PS-100 BL, you get full-featured analog TV with an acceptable sound. Another option – a broken audio system in the car. Just put a portable sound system and connect the smartphone. Here you will be music and talk on the phone, and cinema in traffic (although the latter we do not recommend. – Approx. Eds.). And most importantly – outdoor recreation at the sound of your favorite tracks.

    As amended by SVEN PS-100 BL immediately called an ambiguous attitude. Fans of high-quality sound, seeing the size and specifications of the device, immediately lost interest. But there were those who sometimes uses similar devices, and understand why they are needed. The main question is what are the advantages SVEN PS-100 BL over its competitors and whether the price of the device to its possibilities? Let us try to answer it.

    Components, appearance, design

    The box is compact, fits easily in your backpack. Taking a portable sound system, just surprised its small size. Packing more than the device itself, and perhaps this is done to ensure that the device on the counter seem larger than it actually is. Includes audio itself, charging cable and user manual – everything is simple and without frills.

    To be honest, looks SVEN PS-100 does not attract attention BL – actually in front of us a black rectangle with silver trim. However – if you compare to its competitors – is just a couple of features: SVEN PS-100 BL is small in size (195h115h35 mm) and weight (0,437 kg). Well, probably the most important difference – flip stand for tablets. A number of competitors have similar solutions, but most often it is a docking station, focused on the specific manufacturer of the tablets or smartphones. Here we stand, which fits easily into almost any tablet.

    On the back (or bottom – as the view) face has a rubber layer over the entire area of ​​the device. Accordingly, SVEN PS-100 BL can be placed on an inclined surface (such as a car). There is also a plastic silver bezel. On it are the keys and inputs for the wires. By the way, the key management is very tight: to click on them, you want to put such an effort that it is necessary to hold the system – does not help even the pad. It would probably be more comfortable if the keys were sensory or they at least had an easier move. There is a simple savings, because the price of this class of devices is crucial.

    A little about the stand for tablets and smartphones. It easily folds, and inside is covered with rubber to avoid scuffs and sliding mobile device. However, if we use the radio as an additional column to view the movie, the tablet can completely block the speaker. In fact, the audio system will be located behind it, which is not conducive to a better perception of sound. On the other hand, the sound is not in any way claim to be high quality, so that it can be ignored.

    On top of the cabinet PS-100 BL has an indicator Bluetooth, pleasant glowing blue light when connecting external devices. Side is on / off switch and port Mini USB for charging. Next to it – lighting connect to the charger. Here is a 3.5mm input for connecting external audio source and microphone. Behind the sidebar – the volume keys, switch tracks and pause. The Play button can also be used as a key to answer an incoming call.

    Dealing with column extremely intuitive. Device charged by connecting it to the power supply cable to the Mini USB port on your computer, included, set up on a stand with a pre-activated smartphone Bluetooth. Determine the availability of smartphone devices and connected. And we started to listen to music.

    But before talking about impressions, briefly walk through the entrails of SVEN PS-100 BL. Inside are three separated block walls. In the first are the amplifier board and a battery housed in the remaining two pairs of emitters – a combination of active and passive. Such an arrangement allows the method to isolate the transducers from each other and avoid the deterioration in sound quality. In fact, there are two midrange speaker at 3 W, supplemented by passive woofers. Note that this arrangement is responsible for the specific design of the device – and it also contributed to the reduction of its size. What is interesting, the quality of the internal assembly is sufficiently high. Under speakers include balances due to which the device has good centering of weight and is not afraid to hold heavy plates.


    • Output power (RMS), W 6 (2×3)
    • Frequency, Hz 80-20 000
    • Speaker Diameter, mm 2×40
    • Battery size Li-Ion, 1150 mA · h
    • Version of Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    • The range of the Bluetooth, m 8
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 195x115x35
    • Weight (kg) 0,437


    The first thing we wanted to know – how the device behaves when listening to music from your smartphone. Bluetooth connection is fast. Turn on the music in a format mp3 – and immediately surprised that such a small sound system can produce a sound so loud. However, at maximum volume to listen to music is not: bass disappear, high frequencies are distorted. But at medium volume, which in most cases will be enough, the device gives a quite decent sound for its size, and if you need some background music source, under which you will be working, then this column cope perfectly well.

    The system uses Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. It connects quickly, easily determined smartphone. However, the feature of this type of communication is that if you take a smartphone in hand, falling by two meters from the audio system and proceed, then the connection will be interrupted. That is a devious plan – connect your phone to the system and at the same pace, corresponding to sms – fail. But if you put the radio next to the computer on which you work, periodically take stands on her smart phone to read the message, the connection is not dropped.

    When you’re listening to music on your cell phone receives a call, the caller’s voice will come from the audio system. That is, the device can be used for hands-free communication. This is handy in the car and at home, but it can interfere with the use of a column in the office.

    The sound when watching movies on mobile devices to be primarily just loud. And with this wireless speaker SVEN cope. Watching movies is convenient: you just connect via Bluetooth and select video. But again, if we are talking about nature, the kitchen or the work – to bring the radio on vacation is not much point. On the plane, better to use headphones, as well as at the beach and in the hotel. However, if you are vacationing with the family, the device can be useful for group viewing the movie. We should also mention that the tablet you can install both vertically and horizontally. On some competitors tablet is only installed vertically – and awkward to use for watching movies.

    The claimed range of the Bluetooth 8 meters truthful only in open spaces. We tested SVEN PS-100 BL in the Stalinist era house with thick walls. If you take a smartphone to another room, it is better to put a close to the wall, or the connection is terminated. That is, in an apartment with sturdy walls of the Bluetooth range is reduced to 4-5 meters.

    There is another problem that we encountered – horizontal installation smartphone. On phones usually have a side key to enable or adjust the sound. And if you place your smartphone on the center stand, and that is what I want to do intuitively, choosing the music on it, you can hold down the button accidentally coming into contact with a support. So it had to be placed horizontally smartphone, just moving it sideways.

    Sometimes cheap audio blamed for the noise coming in pause mode. SVEN PS-100 BL in such a situation does not make noise. There is a subtle rustling, but it can be heard only if you bring the column at a distance of 2-3 cm to the ear. Playable range of frequencies, according to our estimates, truthful. In the specifications says that the device plays a sound from 80 to 20 000 Hz. In fact it is very close to the borders of our perceivable sound. We have created a file with white noise, the spectrum of which in the first case was located in the range of up to 85 Hz, while the second – after 19,000 Hz. Both files when playing with SVEN PS-100 BL was heard. Naturally the bass did not sound like the bass and treble came with noticeable distortion, but for a portable audio indicators are normal – more simply is not required.

    We also conducted a subjective analysis of the sound of different styles of music. Files be played back from a PC via audio line. Go to the computer was connected external sound card E-MU 0404 USB from Creative. And then it became clear that the device under test (subjectively) best plays quiet pop music. Heavy metal, stuffed with lots of bass drum sounds dirty, instrumental music or electronics with deep bass is not very well suited to play on PS-100 BL. But the bards, the domestic pop scene and simple songs sound very personal.

    That is interesting, in the specifications there is no indicator duration of battery life. It was necessary to identify empirically. During testing, it became clear that the length of the battery life is influenced by different factors: the intensity of the use of Bluetooth, speaker volume and number of incoming calls on the smartphone. Average battery life is about 5 hours – this is quite enough for outdoor recreation, but not enough to use the column to work with 8-hour schedule. However, you can always connect SVEN PS-100 BL for Mini USB to power.


    SVEN PS-100 BL, of course, can be abused for not too high-quality sound. But the price of the device is about $ 55, democratic, and not created wireless speakers to please the audiophile ears – it is intended for use in the background or ancillary purposes.

    PS-100 BL can really become a good friend to a halt in the woods or as an additional source for the tablet. The device is easy and intuitive. Build quality matches the price, and maybe even higher than could have been expected. But to recommend PS-100 BL we will be only if you do not expect from a portable system revelations in terms of sound and are willing to ignore the low-key design.

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