Overview of the electric grill GFgril GF-220: fry them all

Overview of the electric grill GFgril GF-220: fry them all


    The steak is considered a gourmet dish that really know a lot about meat. It would seem that it may be easier than roast meat. But complexity start still in the shop, where you should choose the right meat, the steak was tender.

    Wrong choice of raw materials spoil the dish pohlesche bad cook – meat will be just like on the sole. Steak – a whole culture, which in the United States turned literally into a cult. In many American films heroes eat steaks and even arrange a debate whether the guest of the restaurant to eat a dish weighing several kilograms.

    It should be noted that this recipe of meat we gave Britain back in the fifteenth century, but it was popularized this dish States and established the supply of beef of the highest category. To enjoy the steak, not necessarily to go to an expensive restaurant – in this review, we discuss electric grill GFgril GF-220, which will help to cook a steak at home. And not just the steak.

    Generally, a steak house, you can try to make in the oven, or even on a normal pan, but really, this is not serious and is more like mischief. In the oven will never get proper zazharistoy crust on the meat, about the pan and not talking.

    Still have ordinary grills, propane or charcoal. But they have to get out of the city and spend a lot of time. Electric grill GFgril GF-220 allows you to enjoy the meat on any day and at any place where there is a socket.

    Box with a grill is not heavy, large enough (135h330h360 mm), but not cumbersome. The main thing – there is a handle, is strong enough to withstand the weight of the grill. In general transport home grill is very convenient.

    After opening the box grill seems too large (110h310h340 mm), but, looking ahead, we must say that it is very convenient – you can cook several quite impressive pieces of meat, fish, or even something tasty.

    Package Contents:

    • Electric grill GFgril GF-220
    • Container fat
    • Paddle
    • Fork and knife for steaks
    • Recipe book
    • Special panel for cooking cutlets, eggs
    • Operating Instructions

    Specifications of GFgril GF-220:

    • Power: 2000 W
    • Voltage: 220-230 V
    • Coating: Non-stick
    • Housing material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
    • Display: LED
    • Working type: Electronic
    • Weight: 3.9 kg
    • Extras: Decomposes at 180 degrees; mechanism locked under pieces of different thicknesses; adjust the temperature of each panel separately frying

    The grill is very nice design that pleases the eye and suitable for any kitchen. Above the body is made of plastic, the heating elements themselves are made of stainless steel and the remaining parts of the handle and – from unheated metal. The grill even has a LED-display and 6 buttons – the power button located symmetrically heated plates, set the temperature and time control, separately for the two plates.

    In general, nothing complicated – you can start cooking without a preliminary study of the instructions. Mechanism locked under pieces of different thickness to avoid the fact that the meat is cooked thoroughly uneven or too strongly pressed against the upper plate, which is very important.

    Conveniently, for each plate, you can set its temperature and its time – suited to experiment with roasting meat and fish, or to create beautiful desserts on the grill.

    Yes, yes, desserts and grill, grill and desserts. Recipe book supplied is called “30 dishes for every day.” In addition it is expected recipes for steaks and meat in general, the book has some interesting advice for cooking fish and those most desserts – grilled pineapple, grilled peaches with ice cream, fried bananas, and so on.

    A nice bonus is some recipes for classic sauces for meat. Well, and a separate small detail that finally endeared us to the test the grill – a knife and fork for excellent quality steaks. A trifle, but happy.


    First of all, of course, grilled steaks were cooked. At the cookbook has several popular options – tender filet mignon, rib-eye steak, Striploin steak, but every lover of American cuisine has its own “certified” recipe, a set of favorite spices and degree of cooking.

    Roasting consists of several stages – first to heat the grill to a temperature of 220 degrees, then fry the meat to a certain extent, and then give the steak “breathe” at a temperature of approximately 160 degrees for a while. At the cookbook describes in detail all actions, so that the problems really should not arise.

    It should be noted that the theory of cooking steak – employment is far from simple. But not with this grill. The timer and temperature setting plates can be fried meat “blindly”, without checking readiness. Do not have to sit with a timer and count the seconds until the moment when the meat should be turned over to the other side – plate fried meat from both sides.

    Grill gets the job done with a bang – four minutes later we got a frying meat frying medium – well-done on the outside, but inside the small number of remaining blood. This effect is quite difficult to achieve.

    Dimensions grill you can simultaneously cook two pieces of meat for about a pound each. And it’s incredibly easy to use. During the experiments, the degree of roasting grill cope with all types of steaks – from rare to well done.

    You can cook the meat, leaving it almost raw inside, but you can fry as the Germans did with the Brazilians in the World Cup. In the end, you just need to leave in the morning defrosted meat, go to work, come back in the evening and for literally 15 minutes to get to cook a great steak for two!

    The second dish was the home of the shawarma recipe books. The central ingredient – chicken. It should marinate, cut into thin slices and fry at 220 degrees for four minutes. It’s one thing when fried thick enough, a full piece of meat, and the other – thin slices of filet. In a frying pan quite difficult to make sure that no one piece is not burnt – they need to be constantly agitated.

    With grill GFgril GF-220 is all a lot easier – put meat on the plate, put the time and temperature, covered the second plate and four minutes later the meat is ready. All the pieces one to one or one underdone, none overcooked. It only remains to put vegetables and meat on pita bread and fill it all the sauce.

    The third dish was the dessert. Not every day you see the recipe of fried grilled peaches. Cut peaches, do the icing with a prescription, lubricates fruit and roast on the grill a few minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. The taste of this dessert interesting enough, and it should be fed with cold ice cream.

    Cleaning the grill is not difficult. It can not be washed in the dishwasher, but it is nothing. All oil and grease left over from the meat, poured through a comfortable groove, and the plate can be wiped with a dry cloth. Comes with a spatula to remove the residue of food, but thanks to the excellent non-stick coating plates, and there is nothing to remove.


    As a result, we can conclude that if you frequently eat food fried meat, grill it for you GFgril GF-220 – a great opportunity to make your life easier. Cook delicious dishes of meat and fish in less than ten minutes will allow not every oven.

    Grill is very easy to use, setting all parameters frying intuitive. The only drawback may be that the grill quite bulky, but this is offset by the fact that over time you can make a considerable amount of food.

    Grill GFgril GF-220 is a pleasant acquisition from the outset, when the gift box contains a knife and fork for the steaks, and until the very end, when once again enjoy the excellent dishes made from meat, fish or vegetables.

    The cost of the grill in the retail at the time of writing this article is about $200. It may seem that the price is quite high for such a generally simple appliance, but it works exactly as it should, and worth every dime.

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