Overview microwave oven with convection LG MC8289URC

Overview microwave oven with convection LG MC8289URC


    LG MC8289URC can replace several devices in the kitchen. With it you can bake, cook for a couple, defrost, reheat, roast on the grill and cook in the microwave regime.

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC

    Specifications: Volume: 32 liters Power: 900 W microwave / Grill 1250 W / Combi 2550 W / 2050 W Convection Grill type: quartz turntable diameter: 34 cm Dimensions: 530 x 322 x 430 mm Weight: 19 kg.

    LG MC8289URC received traditional design: stainless steel practical gray push button control and ergonomic grip for opening the door. The stove is on stable rubber feet, so it can be easily installed even on smooth countertops. After using the oven, fat splashes can easily remove a damp kitchen cloth.

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC



    Microwave quickly switched on and ready for a few seconds to work, and to avoid unnecessary clicks, it provides for the protection of children.

    Located side control unit with a small display informative enough, but to choose from set of functions desired mode and optimal preparation conditions of a specific product, have carefully read the instructions. Fortunately, the manufacturer has made it quite simple and intuitive.

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC
    Microwave LG MC8289URC works in different modes and programs: grill, microwave, convection, combination, defrost, automatic cooking English cuisine and also has a steam cooking, frying and healthy heating maintaining crisp.


    For different cooking modes complete with a microwave, there are two different lattice height, pressure cooker, dish for a crisp and protective cover. In addition, a separate book with recipes.

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC

    Микроволновая печь LG MC8289URC



    For each mode has its own power levels and cooking time can be adjusted separately.
    So, in this microwave oven can bake cakes, biscuits, charlotte, scones, muffins, or baked duck with apples and juicy steak – in short, everything what we usually bake in the oven.

    This is possible thanks to LG MC8289URC mode active convection four heater located on the sides and rear, simultaneously heated dish also have the opportunity to adjust the speed of the convection fan.


    Grill – one of my favorite ways to cook meat and vegetables and I will gladly used it in the oven. I admit, the dish is not the first time he got a taste that I expected. But as is customary in cooking – follow the recipe (in our case – usage instructions), improvise a little and often prepare the result will not take long.


    Grilled vegetables seemed to me tastier if before cooking sprinkle them with olive oil, and meat or oily fish perfectly prepared without extra “fertilizer.” The only thing – you need to flip them. Do not neglect the advice and instructions on the use of dishes – soft pieces of fish and vegetables that come off during a rollover, you can not throw and collect from reshetochki installed over a glass plate.


    In this model, installed quartz grill. Its peculiarity is that it heats up quickly and evenly roasts a large piece of fish, steak or vegetables arranged on a lattice.

    For automatic cooking mode has “English chef”, which allows several taps and popular cook your favorite meal: mushroom stew, buckwheat noodles, wings, roulade of salmon and even cakes like Tartu.

    From this list is not quite seemed to me the traditional goulash with mushrooms and salmon roll, so I cooked them, and to compare the well-known me buckwheat. It should be noted, in automatic mode even complex at first glance, the dishes are prepared simply and obtained successful.

    Well, of course, the defrost function. In a microwave oven LG MC8289URC it is presented in four different modes with optimal conditions for defrosting meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.



    [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00EPB8N90″ cloaking=”default” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-20″]Microwave LG MC8289URC copes well with its functions: meat and vegetables on the grill are obtained with the characteristic crust and juicy taste, steamed dishes are not inferior in taste to those that are prepared in a conventional steamer, and biscuits and cakes never burn and not “fall”.

    Yes, it takes a lot of space on the countertop. But when you need to quickly and properly defrosted meat and fish, or the sudden arrival of friends in no time to prepare snacks and desserts air, fastidious to a high temperature conventional oven, dimensions do not play a big role. During testing of this model, I drew attention to these details and estimated how many cooking processes are simplified with the presence of a helper.

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