Overview Hard Drive Silicon Power Diamond D06

Overview Hard Drive Silicon Power Diamond D06


    Compact external hard drive Silicon Power Diamond D06 offers 1 TB of storage that can be exchanged at speeds of USB 3.0.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    Today you can often hear the opinion that the hard drives are in the past, and if you need a portable hard drive, you must look in the direction of SSD. But not all so simple.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06 offers 1 TB of storage that can be exchanged at speeds of USB 3.0. In this case, the hard disk drive is not too different from the portable SSD on size and weight, and cost much cheaper – about $ 77.


    • Hard Drive Type: External
    • Form Factor: 2.5 “
    • Interface: USB 2.0, USB 3.0
    • Storage capacity: 1 TB
    • Technology: HDD
    • Data transfer rate
    • Dimensions: 116 x 78 x 13 mm
    • Weight: 174 g
    • Warranty: 36 months
    • Price: $ 77

    Accessories come in bright packaging, the inscriptions which give an idea about the basic characteristics: 1 TB of disk space, support for USB 3.0, compatible with the most popular OSes: Windows, Mac, and even about Linux is not forgotten.

    And in the case of Windows, the manufacturer promises that the hard drive will run even on an old XP.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    For who cares for their devices, but does not change them as gloves, good news will be a three-year warranty. Throw in a compact size, energy saving technology and yielding fairly balanced accessory.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    By the way, besides my terabyte version, the manufacturer offers a configuration of 500 GB and a top, which can be stored as much as 2 TB.

    Inside the box is a short instruction in different languages, a short USB 3.0 cable and the hard drive itself.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    It should remove the hard drive from the plastic packaging container, and you can understand why a manufacturer called his device pathetic word Diamond. Despite the fact that the entire body is made of plastic, the top panel has received a special diamond pattern reminiscent of the bezel.

    Most surfaces are not glossy and matte with a slight texture. Herein lies another advantage. It would seem that the obvious solution was to make the whole body glossy. By the way, many manufacturers and arrive. But then the hard drive would look nice on a display case.

    Matt housing provides high practicality. You can not be afraid of any scratches or fingerprints. However, a little bit of gloss is still there – on the sidewalls. But here it is not special stamp looks quite organically.

    Accessory weighs just 174 g, and in the hands of almost not felt. This plus-minus – the weight average smartphone. Put it in your pocket, as shown on the box, you can. But it is better that it was a jeans pocket, not the shirt.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06

    So, we have a hard drive in an extremely compact and elegant design. Let’s see what he can do at work. To do this, we connected to the MacBook Air accessory and run Blackmagic Speed ​​Test.


    Indicators not disappointed – it’s a good level for modern drives USB 3.0. Comparable values ​​were obtained in CrystalDiskMark on a computer that Windows 8.1.

    In practice, the copying of data and content playback also no problems. Incidentally, in the memory of the hard disk drive manufacturer has placed a file with reference to product registration and activation of the guarantee. Apparently, the buyer about it accidentally forgot.

    And another interesting point – off on the hard disk, you never see the indicator light. Nevertheless, it is simply carefully masked. On it, you can easily determine whether active at the moment the data transfer.

    Silicon Power Diamond D06


    [easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B00LWIHWUA” cloaking=”no” layout=”left” localization=”default” locale=”UK” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”gadgethelp-21″]Silicon Power Diamond D06 – is a versatile and high-speed external disk, which by virtue of its compactness suitable for both travel and daily use instead of the stick, and for storing the archive data and backups.

    Good impression accessory design, so I would not keep this beauty on a dusty shelf. And a special thank you to the manufacturer for practical surface gloss without Mark.

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