Oppo is preparing a virtual reality helmet

Oppo is preparing a virtual reality helmet


    Now more and more companies are bringing to the market, or at least planning to create nagolovnym virtual reality devices. There are several such decisions, and some – while they are preparing.

    Typically, these models are designed to work with your smartphone (it is installed inside a virtual reality helmet). Now it is known that the company intends to follow the Oppo the latest trends of the market and release its own virtual reality helmet.

    The official micro-blog of Oppo on Weibo when a photograph of a girl who tries on a virtual reality helmet logo Oppo. Thus, while not disclose any details about the characteristics of the new device.

    It is possible that virtual reality helmet from Oppo will be presented at the same time with the new flagship smartphone Oppo N3 and will be used in conjunction with it, such as a helmet Samsung Gear VR is focused on the use of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In this case, we can assume that announcement of VR devices from Oppo held towards the end of this month.

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