Onyx has introduced smart watches with display E Ink

Onyx has introduced smart watches with display E Ink


    Company Onyx International, a portfolio which has a few electronic book readers with displays based on E Ink, unveiled a prototype smart hours. Not surprisingly, the gadget has received display is based on e-ink.

    Diagonal energy-efficient display is 1.56 inches. Given that such a display would consume energy only during the upgrade, a similar clock will be a good tool for those who put in the priority is not a colorful picture, and for a long time without recharging. However, the details of this moment were not disclosed.

    Smart Watch Onyx promise to be water resistant. To synchronize with a smartphone they will use the built-in Bluetooth. Among ” bonus ” development functions mentioned pedometer. Most likely, the novelty will apply to the category of low-cost solutions, but expect it to sell before 2015 is not necessary.

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