Onyx Boox i63ML Newton was the first screen reader E Ink Carta

Onyx Boox i63ML Newton was the first screen reader E Ink Carta


    MacCentre Company, the exclusive distributor of Onyx International in Russia, presented on the English market eBook Onyx Boox i63ML Newton. According to the company, the new model is the first officially presented in Russia device equipped with E Ink Carta screen with support for multi-touch and backlight MOON Light. Reader runs on Android, and it comes complete with a “smart” cover when closing transforms it into sleep mode.

    Model Onyx Boox i63ML Newton is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen E Ink Carta, the contrast of which is 14:1. Screen having a resolution of 758 x 1024 pixels and anti-glare coating, supports multi-touch, thanks to which it is convenient to change the font size and scale documents and adjustable backlighting MOON Light, providing comfortable reading in any light conditions. In addition to a touch screen device can be operated bilateral paging buttons located on the sides of the screen, and pressing “return” at the bottom of the front panel.

    The new device is based on OS Android 2.3.1, allowing users to install a large number of additional programs. Especially because the device has built-in Wi-Fi and pre-app store Google Play.

    The device is built on a processor clocked at 1 GHz, equipped with 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory with the ability to use additional memory cards up to 32 GB. A battery capacity 1600 mAh battery provides up to one month of battery life without charging. Onyx Boox i63ML Newton in two colors, black and dark gray metallic, went on sale and available for a suggested retail price of 6990 rubles.

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