OnBeep presented wearable communicator Onyx

OnBeep presented wearable communicator Onyx


    A company called OnBeep presented wearable communicator-talkie Onyx, which is attached to the user’s clothing and allows you to get in touch with a certain group of people by pressing a button.

    Built-in device module Bluetooth, paired with smartphones based on Android operating system or iOS, allows you to safely get in touch with a group of up to 15 people. Due to the special application, users can see the location on the map other chat participants. As conceived by the founders of Onyx, their development may be used in the delivery of services in the construction industry, in manufacturing, and, of course, for entertainment purposes.

    OnBeep Onyx is already available for pre-order for $ 99 each or $ 195 per couple. Direct selling radios in the US will begin next month.

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