Notebook shipments in April slipped

Notebook shipments in April slipped


    Five leading brand manufacturers of laptops shipped in April 2014 laptops fewer than in March and in the same month in 2013, writes News IT

    According to analysts Digitimes Research, shipments decreased by 24% and 3% respectively. Regression was observed and the major manufacturers ODM-laptops: compared to the figures of monthly and year-ago volumes of shipments they have fallen by 15% and 9%.

    Experts explain the decline in the fact that most vendors replenished stocks of laptops in March, resulting in the demand for notebooks in April fell.

    In the five brand manufacturers only Asustek Computer has managed to increase supply as compared to the previous month. At Acer, Dell experts have recorded a 15 percent decline, while Hewlett-Packard, which completed the shipment of laptops for the education sector in the framework of public procurement, regression exceeded 40%.

    also noted that Lenovo notebook shipments in April decreased by more than 20% due to the fact that the company has increased significantly shipment a month earlier, trying to bring the performance scheduled for fiscal year 2013 level, which ended March 31 for Lenovo.

    As for the three leading “contract” – Compal Electronics, Wistron and Inventec – they are all significantly reduced the supply of laptops compared to March, experts added.


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