Nokia Sues Apple

Nokia Sues Apple


    the Finnish company Nokia has decided to bring the Apple Corporation responsible for violation of 32 patents through the courts of Germany and the United States. According to the statements of claim, Americans over the past five years have refused to license the patented development of Nokia, which are used in manufactured by Apple products. Long negotiations between the sides have yielded no results, so the Finns were left with no other choice but to seek justice through the courts.

    the lawsuits were filed in the regional courts of Germany and the United States District Court in Texas. Now in the documents referred to the violation of the thirty-two Apple Nokia patents that cover a wide range of technologies, including such areas as the development of displays, antennas, UI and video encoding. Some of them were used in the creation of the first iPhone.

    the outbreak of new patent battles take place against the backdrop of the return to market brand Nokia mobile gadgets. However, Apple is no stranger to such battles. Previously, the Corporation has won a legal battle in the Samsung.


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