Nixie – handheld camera that turns into a drone

Nixie – handheld camera that turns into a drone


    An interesting concept came up with a team participating in the competition Intel. The event is dedicated to wearable technologies.

    Nixie — переносная камера, превращающаяся в беспилотник

    The gadget is called Nixie (Mermaid). By the sea, however, a miniature device has no relation. It’s pretty fun camera that is attached to the wrist.

    When the owner of the need to take a photo, it is a gesture sends the gadget into the air. Then the device is transformed into kvadrakopter and flies to the point, the most favorable for the shooting.

    The idea is not the most useless and crazy. Especially if the project developers will bring to mind and teach Nixie back to the owner with valuable personnel. Will funny “paparazzi-boomerang.”

    Alas, such a device does not have the talent and are not able to distinguish who is his master. Therefore, before mass production prototype is far away.

    The potential, however, is. The authors are among the finalists venture competitions Intel. The public, the media and experts have already paid attention to novelty. There is a chance that sooner or later Nixie will be on sale.

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