Nexus 8 will receive a 64-bit processor

Nexus 8 will receive a 64-bit processor


    A few days ago appeared on the Internet a photo of the tablet, which many took for not yet announced Nexus 8. But, as it turned out, it was only early Image Nexus tablet model 10. Nevertheless, another piece of information from the site MYCE confirms that work on Nexus 8 is really underway.

    Не Nexus 8
    Not Nexus 8

    For example, the resource was published by some of the code from which it follows that he is visited device called Flounder (codename Nexus 8), which in English means “flounder.” Note that Google’s code refer to all of their devices Nexus uses the names associated with the fish.

    From the available data shows that the new device will be used 64-bit processor and operating system. We can therefore assume that the development will be presented already under emergency developer conference Google I / O, where Google, may also introduce the next version of the mobile operating system Android, the major innovation which will be a new architecture and the ability to work on 64-bit processors. Conference Google I / O will be held June 25 and 26.

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