Newton2, new platform and chip for wearable electronics

Newton2, new platform and chip for wearable electronics


    Immediately after the new generation of GPU designed for mobile devices, the PowerVR Rogue, was announced, Imagination Technologies yet another new product to announce. We are talking about the Ingenic M200 System on a Chip (SoC) for the Newton2 platform that’s built around it. Development focused on the segment of wearable electronics and the Internet of things.

    Ingenic M200 Newton2

    The configuration of the Ingenic M200 includes two MIPS XBurst processor cores. Interestingly, they are not identical. The main core of the Ingenic M200 clocked at 1.2 GHz and is made to work under high load. The second core acts as auxiliary and operates at only 300 MHz. As is the case with the Nvidia Tegra platforms, this core comes into operation when high performance is not required, thereby reducing power consumption. By the way, the Newton2 platform does not exceed 150 mW at maximum load.

    The graphical part of the Newton2 platform boasts support for OpenGL ES 2.0. Also present are hardware encoders and decoders (H.264 and VP8; 720p resolution at 30fps). In addition, the configuration of the Newton2 platform includes image processor, memory controller supporting DDR3, voice processor, audio processor, and more.


    As for features for developers, it boasts dimensions of only 30 x 15 mm. Furthermore, in fact, Ingenic M200 is a platform, located on the controller you’ll find Broadcom BCM43438 wireless interface, eMCP chip which includes 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of LPDDR2 flash eMMC, connectors for cameras, displays and a variety of sensors (including GPS modules), devyatiosevoy gyroscope InvenSense MPU-9250, as well as power controller.

    We should also mention the power consumption in standby mode, which is only 3 mW. The device is able to run either Android or Linux. Learn more from their announcement here.

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