New rumors about the iPad Pro: 12,2 inches and OS X on board

New rumors about the iPad Pro: 12,2 inches and OS X on board


    Recently Apple Insider published another batch of rumors about the new tablet iPad Pro, which is expected to develop in Apple.

    iPad Pro

    According to unofficial information, iPad Pro will be the largest Apple tablet in the history of the company. Screen size 12.2 inches. Originally allegedly planned that the official announcement will take place before the end of this year. However, problems with accessories force manufacturers to rethink their plans.

    Display resolution, according to insider information will be of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Incidentally, it is reported that a similar screen will get another yet unannounced novelty – MacBook Air Retina.

    But the main difference iPad Pro from all previous iPad – use operating system, OS X, or rather its adapted version. If these rumors are true, it would mean that Apple has moved away from its former principles of differentiation of laptops and tablets.

    Previously, the idea of ​​using a single OSes for laptops and tablets actively exploited only to Microsoft. However tablets on Windows 8 still does not come close to the most popular competing solutions on iOS and Android.

    iPad Pro

    It is assumed that iPad Pro will be used primarily to connect hardware keyboard, that is, in landscape orientation. This is indicated by the fact that the sides of the device closer to the ends of the manufacturer are two stereo speakers.

    Case thickness will not record – 7 mm. Either the manufacturer does not want to repeat history with foldaway iPhone case 6 Plus, or more powerful hardware requires more space inside the case.

    Whatever it was, this information is made public as a rumor. In reality, the iPad Pro can be quite different.

    Source: Apple Insider

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