New Nexus tablet is already being tested Google

New Nexus tablet is already being tested Google


    The network has a new piece of data tablet company Google – Nexus, writes gadget news blog

    As it became known, the company has a new device is being tested in Googe campus in California. It is noted that the data on the new tablet became known during the study reports errors in Chromium. Thus, it was found mention of gadget codenamed Flounder, which translates as “Flounder”.

    It should be noted that the names of marine inhabitants are constantly used for has not yet submitted a series of gadgets Nexus. For example, the Nexus 7 tablet developers medzhdu is called “Grouper”, but the flagship Nexus 5 in the company called “Hammerhead”.

    However, so far no data on the technical specifications of the new device is not present. You can only assume that in this case we are talking about the updated or Nexus 7 or a completely new device Nexus 8.

    It is expected that the new device will be presented at a special event at Google. In addition, the Conference in June Google is expected to present the new OSes Android 4.5, and in addition, new laptops on Chrome OS, as well as new and updated services Google.

    Earlier, experts from TechInsights dismantled smart glasses Google Glass to set cost of each individual component of the device. As it turned out, the price is expensive “smart” glasses only 80 dollars, while the member company offers to buy glasses for fifteen hundred dollars.


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