Musical microsystems Philips MCM2300 and MCM2005 go on sale

Musical microsystems Philips MCM2300 and MCM2005 go on sale


    Company WOOX Innovations introduced music and microsystems Philips MCM2300/12 MCM2005.

    According to the company, the devices have the function Bass Reflex, providing deep bass sound in spite of compact housing.

    Through the use of fazoinventora which acoustically natsroen under LF emitter optimizatsiruetsya bass reproduction.

    As a result, the melody sounds without distortion while improved control bass. The system works by resonating the air mass in fazoinventore to vibrate like a conventional woofer emitter.

    Philips MCM2005
    Philips MCM2005

    Using the Digital Sound Control (Digital Sound Control), you can select one of the preset modes: Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classic controls to optimize the frequency ranges for different musical styles.

    Each mode uses graphic equalizing technology to automatically adjust the sound balance and enhance the sound frequencies, the most important in your chosen music.

    With built-in audio to audio systems can be connected to various devices.

    Music System Philips MCM2005 has the function of RDS, which allows you to listen to radio stations without having to remember their frequency. For convenience, the display shows the station name, making it easier and faster configuration.

    RDS mode also deliver text messages stations: news or station directly on the receiver’s display. In this case, you can either take the main messages RDS, or to subscribe to the advanced text services.

    Music System Philips MCM2300/12 MCM2005 and will be available in May. Suggested retail price for Philips MCM2300/12 is £68, MCM2005 – EUR 135.

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