Multimedia speakers Edifier Studio R1100 will soon be on sale

Multimedia speakers Edifier Studio R1100 will soon be on sale


    Edifier company introduced a new generation of bookshelf speakers series Studio 2.0 – multimedia system Edifier R1100.

    Novelty is a two-channel speaker with front bass reflex scheme, and a total capacity of 42 watts. The model is a classic case with compact dimensions, trim “wood” supplemented with a removable black bezel.

    Each satellite is equipped with a system of 13-mm high-frequency tweeter 4 ohms with a dome-type emitter of impregnated silk. To play the low and medium frequencies provided a 4-inch speaker impedance 6 ohms with a diffuser made of special paper interspersed with wool. Each speaker system is equipped with magnetic shielding.


    The calibrated phase inverter, located on the frontal plane, provides rich bass sound. Dimensions of each satellite constitute 140x226x197 mm, and the total system weight is about 4.2 kg.

    Amplifier module, located together with the power supply in the right satellite, made by a digital circuit and, as noted by Edifier, designed with significant headroom. The system is equipped with a controller unit, allows you to configure the volume, as well as treble and bass.

    Built-in power supply unit is designed to work with networks of AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.

    Edifier Studio R1100 provides playback of audio signals in the frequency range 65 Hz – 18 kHz with nonlinearity ± 6 dB signal / noise ratio greater than 85 dB and the level of distortion is not more than 0.5%.

    The presence of two analog inputs with RCA connectors facilitates switching of multiple sources of audio signal, wherein, the input sensitivity of 750 mV PC ± 50 mV input sensitivity of 550 mV AUX ± 50 mV. Start of deliveries of new multimedia speakers Edifier Studio R1100 in the retail starts soon.

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