Mobile brand Nokia turns to Microsoft Lumia

Mobile brand Nokia turns to Microsoft Lumia


    As you can see, the company Microsoft, being the owner of the phone business Nokia, moving away from the name of the Finnish company. Thus, recent smartphones running Windows Phone just released under the name Lumia, not Nokia Lumia, as it was before. Soon, apparently, the official name line of smartphones will become Microsoft Lumia.

    The changes are being introduced gradually, first change the name of Nokia accounts in social networks. For example, Nokia France on Facebook reports that account soon to be renamed Microsoft Lumia. Obviously, for France followed by other regions. In addition, already renamed almost all of the applications developed by Nokia for use with OS Windows Phone – called Nokia they were replaced by the Lumia.

    However, all the Nokia brand will not disappear. Separate company Nokia – then its unit that has not been purchased Microsoft – will continue to work, but, according to the agreement with Microsoft, will not engage in the production of mobile devices (at least in the next few years), and will focus on the issue of software and network infrastructure.

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