Miniature Tor-router Anonabox provide anonymity on the Internet

Miniature Tor-router Anonabox provide anonymity on the Internet


    If you are having heard the revelations of Edward Snowden, fear lurks in the World Wide Web, perhaps the role of soothing pills for you to play gadget called Anonabox, project for the production of which has been recently launched on Kickstarter.

    The interest in this problem is the fact that long before the end of the campaign to raise funds for the popular site when the total amount of donations to dozens of times higher than originally requested $ 7500 and at the time of writing is about $ 331 500 At the same time invested in the draft over 5200 people.

    In fact, Anonabox is a tiny router that runs through the Tor protocol, thus ensuring privacy on the Internet. This is especially useful for applications not originally intended for anonymous networking, say, Skype or Safari.

    The Hardware gadget includes 64 MB of memory and a processor with a frequency of 580 MHz, which is enough to handle the total volume of traffic, as well as two Ethernet ports for connecting to your home router and PC (support and Wi-Fi). In this case, the device works with the open-source software, and its price starts at $ 45.

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