Microsoft is interested only in large plates

Microsoft is interested only in large plates


    A week ago, Microsoft unveiled the third generation of its own tablet computers, IT News writes

    Instead of 7.5-inch Surface Mini, of which there were many rumors, the American corporation has released a great device with a 12-inch screen. The software giant will focus precisely on this electronics because it has a higher capacity than compact gadgets, analysts said Digitimes Research.

    According to them, announced Surface Pro 3 to a lesser degree is designed to improve their own business Tablet Microsoft and more – for the opening of a new market segment, where in cooperation with Microsoft, manufacturers can find new business opportunities and profits.

    Experts also believe that by releasing a 12-inch tablet before Apple, Microsoft has made a strategically important move that will provide it with an advantage in the segment of devices, which are intermediate between the high-level tablet and laptop.

    During the presentation, Microsoft has repeatedly stressed that the Surface Pro 3 is positioned as a replacement for the mobile computer. Novelty has increased compared to its predecessor the screen, but it is easier by 10% and 30% thinner. In this case the starting price has fallen to $ 100, said portal DigiTimes.

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