Microsoft Band: fitness bracelet for smartphones on Windows and all other

Microsoft Band: fitness bracelet for smartphones on Windows and all other


    Microsoft has introduced a fitness bracelet Microsoft Band platform and Microsoft Health, which will help the user to keep in shape .

    Microsoft Band

    It is noteworthy that the device is compatible not only with smartphones on the platform of Windows Phone, but also with the devices on iOS and Android. The question price – $ 200. What do you get for the money the buyer?

    According to the manufacturer, Microsoft Band combines the features of smart watches and fitness trackers. To connect to a mobile device interface uses Microsoft Band Bluetooth 4.0.

    Bracelet track the movement of its owner, takes into account the distance traveled, pace, speed, measure the body temperature, pulse rate, and even monitors the level of perspiration and energy consumption.

    Moreover, the gadget is able to measure the change in the level of UV radiation and to take into account while you sleep.

    However, Microsoft Band – is not only a fitness bracelet, but something like a clever hours. The device shows a notification of incoming calls and received messages, stock quotes and weather reports, scheduling reminders and other similar information.

    When used in conjunction with a device that is running Windows Phone 8.1, is available to service the voice assistant Cortana, which allows you to leave notes and reminders.

    Microsoft Band

    The bracelet is equipped with a display diagonal of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 320 x 106 pixels. On board also has a microphone, GPS-receiver, accelerometer and other sensors. According to the manufacturer, the device can work on a single charge up to 48 hours. Delight and protected enclosure that can withstand a run in the rain and temperature fluctuations from minus 10 to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

    As for the platform Microsoft Health, it is a centralized collection, exchange and analysis of data about the physical condition of the user. The data can come their different devices, including Microsoft Band.

    Source: Microsoft

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