MaxMyTV transforms TV into the remote control “smart” home

MaxMyTV transforms TV into the remote control “smart” home


    Home automation systems that are classified as “do it yourself”, prefer to assign management functions on your mobile device – smartphone or tablet. MaxMyTV – decision of some kind. Its creators offer implement user control through the TV.

    MaxMyTV system consists of a hub and interacting with them additional devices: in the number of available components include IP-camera combination motion sensor and temperature sensor with integrated accelerometer, “smart” socket and remote control.

    The latter has a QWERTY-keyboard on the reverse side. Himself hub communicates with the through TV connection, allowing you to overlay image on the primary video.

    Изображение с камеры видеонаблюдения на экране телевизора
    Images from CCTV camera on your TV

    What are the functions available to the user? In the first place, it can bind additional devices together and assign them specific scenarios of interaction, using for this purpose a handy remote and a big screen TV.

    Later, while watching the TV screen will pop-up notifications about events occurring in the home: for example, if someone gets in range of the motion sensor and thereby activates the camera, the video stream from it immediately displayed on the LCD TV on top of the main picture.

    Also hub can be used to see the mail communication in social networks and run third-party Android-applications.

    Currently MaxMyTV is under development. Timing of the devices in the sale and the cost is not yet known.

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