Mark Zuckerberg uses artificial intelligence Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg uses artificial intelligence Jarvis


    Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), head of Facebook, at home and at work uses a system of artificial intelligence Jarvis (all right, a hint of “iron man’s” Tony Stark). Communicating with a virtual assistant, he may ask him to mute the light make it brighter, turn on some music. In addition, Jarvis capable of something more, for example, knows how to cook a simple meal, waking the children in the morning, open the gate to the House Brand.

    in the future, I’m sure Zuckerberg, a robot will be able to visualize data in virtual reality and thus helps in creating new services, about which we did not even suspect.

    creating “Jarvis” took the head of the main social network on the planet only about hundreds of hours, but in future it will continue to work on it, improve recognition of gestures and voices, add functions. His achievements in the future, Zuckerberg be sure to share with the world.  

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