MAID – clever (too) microwave

MAID – clever (too) microwave


    Gaining “intelligence” is not only watches and sunglasses. Home appliances also not lagging behind. A striking example – oven MAID.

    MAID — умная (даже слишком) микроволновка

    This decision came up in the microwave company SectorQube. Inventors have created a unique platform that can make life easier for fans of delicious food.

    Interacts whether new to the network? Certainly. It not only looks for suitable recipes on the Internet, but also gives advice on how these dishes are best prepared.

    MAID analyzes data from the World Wide Web. After that prompts – what products are needed, when they are added, what is required to set the temperature and more. There are even “talking” electronic assistant for those who do not like written instructions.

    MAID — умная (даже слишком) микроволновка

    However, with most of the work machine copes automatically.

    The most important thing – not the case. Listed – only half of what can boast oven. Engineers from SectorQube stocked system unusual feature of the recommendations.

    How does it work? MAID analyzes the dietary habits of the owner, his tastes, and even a way of life. And offers to man what he needs at the moment.

    MAID — умная (даже слишком) микроволновка

    The diet lacks vitamins? Microwave “throw” the idea of ​​a balanced dinner. Lunch was too high-calorie? Artificial intelligence is a reminder that good pay while jogging.

    Controlled oven with 6-inch touch screen. And when your hands are busy – switched voice control. Just MAID understands gestures. Synchronization with mobile devices and proprietary software – available.

    A couple of words about the shortcomings. Without them, not done. The draft is far from the mass production stage. SectorQube trying to raise funds for the service Kickstarter. Therefore sales start until next October.

    Yes, and then if the donations would be enough.

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