Lynx Box 1S exposure, and millet box like crystal morning four nuclear program

Lynx Box 1S exposure, and millet box like crystal morning four nuclear program


    shortly after the release of an enhanced version of millet box configuration upgrade to Jing Chen S802 four nuclear program, prices rose to 399 yuan, and now, Ali Group Lynx Box also ushered upgrade, the new Lynx Box 1S exposure, and millet box crystal morning Amlogic S802 uses the same chip, the price is not expected to more than 399, in addition to significantly enhance the performance of outside appearance , antenna, remote control also has greatly improved, it will be a strong rival millet box. Jing Chen box market since the force, has maintained a strong momentum, three generations of millet grain boxes are used in the morning Amlogic chip, from single core to dual-core, quad-core, significantly enhance the configuration, it also brings more good use experiences. , Lynx Box generation also Jing Chen Amlogic MX dual-core chip, thus strengthening the upgraded version of the latest quad-core S802 is not surprising.


    Jing Chen Amlogic S802 is designed for the TV box build quad-core chips, support for 4K hardware solution, H.265 video, integrated quad-core Mali450 graphics chip, video and games in outstanding performance. Quad-core Cortex A9 architecture, clocked at up to 2GHz, decoding feature is super clear resolution of 4Kx2K; support full HD 3D video (1080Px2), compatible with MPEG1/2/4, realvideo8/9/10, WMV/VC-1, H.264, H.265 and other video formats. It is foreseeable that in the future market, S802 box will become the mainstay of the program, its advantages will continue to accumulate indefinitely.


    Lynx Box 1S by Foxconn OEM, WiFi antenna to 2.4GHz/5GHz also supports dual-band, supports HDM HD output, dual USB2.0-Hispeed, RJ-45 standard wired interface, support SD / MMC card slot, support CVBS, optical output, analog stereo audio output, remote control has been redesigned appearance upgrades will also meet some of the activities Lynx mall sales, charter trips character shoes will Jeju outbreak, Amoy girl send Box door.
    From a hardware point of view, and an enhanced version of millet box Lynx Box 1S basically not much difference, the software part would each be customized Lynx Box 1S will be used specifically for smart TV to create Ali cloud OS system, integrated online shopping features Lynx , online shopping will be more convenient.

    Xiao Bian by: Taobao millet box occupies almost half of the TV box, and a generation of Lynx Box for Taobao users also have multiple discounts, basically send half to buy half, both in cost is known. In the case of hardware similar prices further consideration is similar to soft power, millet and Ali in the content and marketing all have their own characteristics, the next box will usher in more intense market competition.

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